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Pocket CowCard Android

Have all of your animal information at your finger tips on your phone!

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About Pocket CowCard Android

Pocket CowCard Android gives you access to animal records in the palm of your hand.  Via your Android phone, you can effortlessly look up all event information for individual animals including test day records, previous lactations, daily milk weights as well as user-selected items.  Just like your phone, it is simple to use and contains an easy user-friendly navigation system.  You can also use a BlueTooth scanner to read EID tags and record information when scanning.  A Samsumg device with a SD Card is recommended when doing data entry.  The features and functions are different than the Windows Mobile version so please ask for a demonstration - we'd be happy to show you!

We have all the information about each cow we need right in our pockets.
Pat Kehoe, Twin Birch Farms, New York



  • Simple and accurate
  • Animal records in the palm of your hand
  • Ability to make and enter cow side decisions with the data entry version
  • Refreshes wirelessly to your DC305
  • Read only version of Pocket CowCard runs on any Android device
  • Scanning version of Pocket CowCard should be run on Android device with SD Card