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Allflex Ear Tags

Let VAS be your supplier for visible ear tags and EID buttons. VAS is an official tag vendor for Allflex.

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About Allflex Ear Tags

Matched pair tag sets are a visible ID tag that is already matched up to an electronic ID tag.  Using matched pair sets from VAS allows you to start using EID on calves from the day they are born without ever entering the electronic ID.  The tag set information is automatically downloaded by Dairy Comp from the iLoop when your order is shipped.  As cows are entered fresh, any calf added to the cowfile is automatically assigned the correct electronic ID number with no human intervention.  The number of identification mistakes made by humans on dairy farms is staggering. Let VAS help you reduce that error and start making better management decisions.



  • Completely automated matching of visual to EID numbers
  • Competitive pricing for both ear tags, EID tags, and match pair tag sets
  • Easy repeat ordering of custom tags