Over 7M animals now on the VAS Platform and growing daily!

VAS announced the new VAS Platform was available in the U.S. July, 2018.  It is now starting to become available internationally as well.  Check with your VAS provider to check availability for your dairy.

VAS is a proud sponsor of the 2019 Connect Summit!
Connect is the premier technology and thought leadership conference in the dairy industry.

At the Heart of your Dairy

VAS is transforming how the industry’s most trusted name in data management and intelligence works. Connect to your business anytime, anywhere.

Our Products



  • Eliminate feed sheets
  • Monitor intakes
  • Track ingredient / ratio chemistries
  • Reduce feed wastes


  • Fastest program for recording
  • Simple entry system
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Connect with on-farm systems


  • Operate your parlor effectively
  • Easily and quickly accessible
  • Pen count information imports
  • Calculate costs and efficiencies

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