DairyComp April 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.4.0 April release has integrations, enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  April 11, 2019


VAS is dedicated to partnering with other industry leaders to combine mutual customers’ data for consistency and ease of use across all supported environments. By connecting with other software applications and tools, we offer substantial value and an expanded set of actionable data to support our dairyman community in building increasingly strategic dairy management practices. We are pleased to announce three new integrations for this release:

  • CafoPro: CafoPro specializes in environmental management & regulatory compliance to track dairy operations for accurate reporting that is compliant with both EPA & state regulations, as well as managing when maintenance is due. Together, VAS & CafoPro have created an integration to connect DairyComp data to improve milk and manure production estimations within CafoPro.
  • Nedap: Nedap is a technology company with smart and proven solutions for individual dairy cow monitoring and management. A VAS & Nedap integration translates to more powerful data analysis within DairyComp, as well as expanded animal data within Nedap applications. Our integration focuses on two distinct features: Nedap activity & health monitoring presented in DairyComp software, and DairyComp controls to Nedap drafting/sorting facilities. This integration also incorporates the following software: BouMatic HeatSeeker, GEA CowScout, Semex AI24, CRV Ovalert, Alta CowWatch, Lely Qwes, Milkrite | Interpuls, and SAC Unitrack.
  • Vault: Vault is a collaborative partner that focuses on both milk and feed forecasting by combining current & future farm data with projected pricing. VAS & Vault have created an integration connecting both DairyComp and FeedWatch data with Vault’s web application to provide accurate, up-to-date information for important business decisions.


  • Requested SSF and DNL changes for AgSource – DC-963, Bugz-8508: Migrated from CNTL to ID in SSF and DNL files.
  • Improved Beef breed recognition – DC-1018: DairyComp now pulls sire breed information when using ECON\IR or Item type 190. The list of recognized beef sire breeds was expanded to include all National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) beef breeds.
  • Added \G switch in AIC interface to allow metric import – DC-1133, Bugz-10289: DairyComp can now import metric data from AIC with the addition of the \G switch.

Bug Fixes

  • CowCare issue with new protocols coming over – DC-1063, Bugz-10357: Corrected an issue in which new protocols added to CowCare or Alter\7 were not populating correctly in DairyComp.
  • PAR file with no data when trying to review reports – DC-1081, Bugz-10336: Addressed an issue in which an edit to PARLOR\O (to view parlor information by PIT) was preventing dairies with a single parlor from displaying PIT data properly.
  • SIR3 not showing in Russian version – DC-1138, Bugz-10368: The SIR3 BRED option is now available. A translation issue in the January release prevented the option from displaying.
  • Tech of Event not getting added at server when added on Client – DC-1152, Bugz-10378: Tech data is now correctly added to the server when sent from a client.
  • Inspector report in CowCare using same REGID for all cows – DC-1184, Bugz-10390: The Inspector Report now shows the correct REGID for each animal.
  • When running MSEND to ALPRO DC wrongfully deletes cows – DC-1197: Addressed an issue whereby a truncated ID was being sent to Alpro, causing the cow to be deleted.
  • EVENTS BRED\2s and columns – DC-912, Bugz-10260: Corrected the reporting of Result, Tech, and Breeding codes data. Each code type now displays in a separate column.
  • COWVAL issues with larger digit currencies – DC-1070, Bugz-10355: Addressed display issues for longer COWVAL values, which can now extend to 32 digits.
  • Allow DCCON to update DCSIRES.USA if not in USA – DC-1148, Bugz-9565: Addressed an issue that caused the DCSIRES.USA file to be deleted if the DHI was set to CanWest.

DairyComp 19.4.1 April release has bug fixes.

Build Date:  April 16, 2019

Release Date:  April 16, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • PUTCOW\I not working in 19.4.0 release – DC-1270: Addressed an unexpected error with the PUTCOW\I command.

DairyComp 19.4.2 April release has bug fixes.

Build Date:  April 19, 2019

Release Date:  April 22, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Sire Sex items are reporting Holstein sires as ” B” Beef in 19.4.0 and 19.4.1 – DC-1276, Bugz-10421: Holstein sires are now being properly identified. This bug was associated with the Beef breed recognition improvement for item type 190.