DairyComp December 2018 Release Notes

DairyComp December release has enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Setting to allow duplicate BRED events from PCC – DC-985 Bugz 10315: Added the option to “Allow duplicate PCC BRED events” in SERVER\3 in the PCC Entry tab (see example below). This will allow duplicate BRED events to be imported from PCC if the breedings occur on the same day.
  • Minor changes for BDR in Italian SEND – DC-991 Bugz 10310: Updated the BDR for Italy and revised the way we send the health code.
  • Improved lookup of CULTURE in EGRAPH – Bugz 10299 DC-986: Improved the lookup of CULTURE results by remark.
  • Included import of gHolstein Haplotype 5 trait from DNG – DC-936 Bugz 10273: Added gHolstein Haplotype 5 as a trait import option for Genomics.
  • Improved import of DairyPlan milk when a pen is imported twice in the same shift – DC-993 Bugz 9978: This update handles pens that are milked twice in the same milking.
  • TRACE screen adds to the MoveIn\MoveOut data screen – DC-909 Bugz 10256: To simplify data entry, we added options to store a description of the license plate and the Premise ID for the user who is moving the cows.

Bug Fixes

  • Repaired issue with changing description on duplicate disposal codes – DC-716 Bugz-10318: Fixed the ability to edit disposal codes.
  • Repaired issue with server shutting off – DC-871 Bugz 10248: We believe the issue of the server shutting itself off has been resolved. Please contact VAS Support if you continue to encounter this issue.