DairyComp December 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.11.0 December release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  December 02, 2019

Release Date:  December 02, 2019


  • Restored International Language Support – DC-1411: VAS is pleased to announce that we have reworked DairyComp’s language capabilities and have implemented some significant improvements (listed below) that will give our international customers a better user experience, as well as the ability to update to the latest DairyComp releases. This update fixes many of the language display issues in the Chinese and Russian DairyComp interfaces. IMPORTANT: To take advantage of this update, your DairyComp program must already have a language file in place.
    • User Interface displays properly in your selected language: DairyComp has been updated to ensure that all elements of the user interface (menu options, buttons, column titles, etc.) are displayed properly in your chosen language. Not only does this ensure that international customers are able to view the product in the selected language, but it also allows members of VAS Support to view it in their selected language if they need to establish a remote connection to help you troubleshoot issues with your system.
    • Cowfile data displays properly in your default language: We have also updated the system to ensure that the DairyComp interface will display user-entered data from your cowfile correctly in your default language.
  • CowCare Enhancements – DC-694, DC-482, DC-1003: This DairyComp release includes several of many upcoming CowCare enhancements:
    • Ability to delete a drug: The system now allows users to delete a drug from inventory.
    • Store drug inventory by premise: For dairies that have multiple locations (i.e., “premises”), CowCare now allows you to define inventory that is stored in each different location. This improvement is intended to help keep inventory separate based on the physical location of the drug inventory and distinguish which drugs are available in each different location.
    • Define alternate dosage for young stock: When defining a protocol, you can now allow it to substitute an alternate dosage for young stock, such as calves and heifers:
      • As shown in the example to the right, the first step is to check the new Use Dose Based on Event Remark for Young Stock Drugs option in the protocol settings, to distinguish that it should accept an alternate dosage for young stock.
      • The next step is for users to enter the alternate dosage in a remark when they select this protocol for an animal in an event. To do this, the remark of the event must contain a # symbol, followed by the dose that should be given. For example, a remark of PENIM#3 would designate that 3 units of the drug (in this case ccs of Penicillin) were given to the calf.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate entry when editing technician names – DC-1704: When you edit a tech name in the ALTER Breeding and Technicians table, the system now appropriately updates the tech name rather than creating a duplicate entry.
  • Slow response when processing XID or viewing Prev Lact – DC-1274: Repaired an issue that caused delayed processing and a possible system crash when processing an XID or viewing Previous Lactations.
  • Event reports not displayed correctly in GRID and REPORT views – DC-1664: Repaired an issue that caused IDs to be displayed out of order in specific event reports.
  • Incorrect MONITOR calculations in Russian version of DairyComp – DC-1179, Bugz-10384: Updated the Russian version of DairyComp to ensure that MONITOR calculates the Heat Detection Rate and Pregnancy Rate parameters correctly for heifers.