DairyComp December 2019 Release Notes 2

DairyComp 19.12.0 December release has new features and bug fixes.

Build Date:  December 17, 2019

Release Date:  December 17, 2019

New Features

  • Ability to import Grimmius event data – DC-906, Bugz-7897: DairyComp now supports the import of Grimmius event data for Pneumonia, Pinkeye, Navel Infection, Dehydration, Fever, Ear Infection, Diarrhea, and Septic Arthritis. The import includes animal EIDs, Serum values, and weight data to track calf weights upon arrival at the facility. The command to access this import is IMPORTF\R.

Bug Fixes

  • Need timeout and open command line if K file is not accessible or available – DC-1789: Added a timeout feature that closes the warning message that is displayed in the AFI interface if the milk file to load is not available. If a user does not click OK to clear the message, the system will now clear it after the timeout period has expired.
  • Sire info not loading on 550 stud codes – DC-1803: Repaired an issue that prevented sires with a NAAB Marketing Code of 550 from being displayed in the list.
  • Error “Cowfile may be damaged” – DC-1802: Repaired a bug that caused the system to display an incorrect “damaged cowfile” error for users that have a Version 5 cowfile and are not using a US Windows operating system.
  • The G switch in the Delpro MLOAD wasn’t loading Metric milk weights – DC-1801: Repaired an issue that was introduced in version 19.11.0, preventing the ability to load milk weights from Delpro as Metric with the \G switch.
  • Incorrect week value for Item Type 138 year-end – DC-1336: Repaired an issue that caused Item Type 138 to display year-end information incorrectly when the year and week number option is selected. Prior to this fix, the last few days of the year would return the correct year, but for the week, it would display “01”, which indicates the first week of the year. The system now labels the last few days of the year as week 01 with the year value being the next year. Example: For the days in the last week of 2018, the system now displays the 4-digit year-week (yyww) value as 1901 for the yyww value.