DairyComp February 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.2.1 February release has bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Repaired UK MRO export – DC-1136, Bugz-10352: Fixed the length of the line that sends cow breed (CBRD) data during the export.
  • Repaired DairyPlan milk weights for herd milking 3X and washing 2X – DC-1146, Bugz-10124: Repaired an issue with milking times that prevented several pens from receiving milk weights.
  • TRACE data with errors now reporting successfully – DC-1032, Bugz-10298: Repaired an issue that interfered with the sending of trace data that was grouped with records that contained errors.
  • Disabled the expiration screen on the PLClient – DC-1149: The expiration screen on the PLClient is not necessary; therefore, we have disabled it.
  • Cowfile type 14 and 18 now allow 3-digit Pen\Group number – DC-1135, Bugz-10369: This change allows herds that are processing with CanWest or Daisy/Canada to use 3-digit pen limits (up to 999) when it’s necessary to exceed the standard pen limit of 99.