DairyComp February 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.1.2 February 5, 2019 release has enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Updated the NAAB marketing codes – DC-1067: Updated DairyComp’s internal table to match the marketing codes and gender designation found at https://www.naab-css.org/naab-marketing-codes.

Bug Fixes

  • Access violation error when running TRACE command – DC-1048, Bugz-10344: Repaired a bug that incorrectly flagged data as defective and thus would lead to an access violation error when running the TRACE command.
  • UK MRO export broken in December 18 update – DC-1059, Bugz-10352: Corrected the export of the Calving block of data in the export to UK MROs.
  • UK breeding code incorrect in Sire table – DC-1064, Bugz-10346: Repaired the incorrect UK breeding code by showing the 2-digit sire breed instead of the sire breed that originates from the NAAB code.
  • Tool to correct out-of-sync item tables between DAT and ARC files – DC-1042, Bugz-10339: If the DAT and ARC item tables became out-of-sync when converting to a Version 8 cowfile, you can now run the command CLEANUP\S to bring the item tables back into sync.
  • Cost on Semen Inventory incorrect – DC-1073, Bugz-10341: Updated the US Sires file to ensure that it displays the correct current price in the Semen Inventory.