DairyComp July 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.7.0 July release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  July 10, 2019

Release Date:  July 10, 2019

New Features

  • Import Semex traits – DC-1399: The following traits are now supported in the import from the Semex genomics (DNG) file with IMPORTF\GS:
Semex Field DC Item Values Description/Notes
ELVGRP – Elevate Group SGRP I, S, C, B, X I-IVF, S-Sexed, C-Conventional, B-Beef, X-Cull
IMMPL – Immunity Plus genomic value SIMM H, A, L H-High, A-Average, L-Low
A2 – A2A2 genomic test result A2 A1A1, A1A2, A2A2
BVD – BVD test result GDUMP DUMPS “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
RED – genomic test for red color HO RED Y, N Y-Yes, N-No
POLL – genomic test for polled ROLL HH, PC, PP HH-horned, PC-polled carrier, PP-polled
CINDX – custom client index value SINDX Integer, positive or negative 10000 Custom Client Index
  • CDCB crossbred evaluations added – DC-1258: DairyComp now supports the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) genomic evaluations for crossbred animals. IMPORTF\D pulls the ‘Blending code’ values, and IMPORTF\G pulls both the ‘Early First Calving Genomic PTA’ and ‘Blending code’ values.


  • Nedap improvement to separate codes 2 and 4 – DC-1422: Nedap code 4 date and time are now sent to items HSDAT and HSTIM, and the code goes to item HSCOD. Nedap code 2 will continue to send date and time to items ACDAT and ACTIM, and the code to item ACCOD, as implemented in release 19.6.0.
  • DOSE decimal values in CowCare – DC-1020: The DOSE field now accepts decimal values.
  • New diagnostic tool – DC-1238, Bugz-10224: A new diagnostic tool is available to track item changes. Use the following settings to generate a ‘ItemTrace HerdID yy-mm-dd.log’ to capture changes:
    DaysToKeep=45 ; logs automatically removed nn days, 2-366 default=45
    Enabled=1 ; must be enabled to enable item tracing, default=0 (not enabled)
    TraceCom=1 ; included command in trace file? default=1
    TraceItems=2,5,12-14 ; list of item numbers to trace, required
  • FTECH – Expanded MILK ID field – DC-1299, Bugz-10422: The maximum ID/CNTL field was extended from 99999 to 999999 in the SSF for AgSource.
  • FTECH – Expanded PEN field – DC-1300, DC-1354, Bugz-10429: The maximum PEN field was expanded from 250 to 999 in the SSF for AgSource.
  • Neogen – Additional BBR columns – DC-1303, Bugz-10427: DairyComp now supports additional columns to indicate the base breed representation (BBR) percentage for Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, and Jersey cows in the DNG files imported from Neogen.
  • SEMINV improvement – DC-1199, Bugz- 10395: The SEMINV command now displays the SEMINV menu by default and no longer requires you to select ESC to access the menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Send\BD crash – DC-1151, Bugz-10229: Repaired an unexpected crash and restored the ability to email multiple recipients with the SEND\BD command.
  • CowCare Drug file import – DC-1417: Repaired an issue that caused CowCare to only update the Drug file for users with a Convert setting of Generic. The Drug file now updates for all users with Convert settings within the US.
  • PIT2 Parlor report functionality – DC-1295: Repaired an issue where the client was posting the Parlor report from Fusion as the main Parlor report instead of PIT2.
  • BREDSUM\M report Stud Code alignment – DC-1195, Bugz- 10394: Repaired an alignment issue in the BREDSUM\M report that was caused by the addition of semen companies with longer names.
  • PLClient error messages – DC-1365, DCSD-54: Repaired an issue associated with anti-virus software that caused the PLClient to display unexpected ‘PLA file used by another process’ errors.