DairyComp June 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.6.0 June release has new features, enhancements, CowCare Updates and bug fixes.

Build Date:  June 18, 2019

Release Date:  June 18, 2019

New Features

  • Zoetis Traits DND import – DC-1332: The following traits are now supported in the import from the DND file with IMPORTF\D:
Name DairyComp item DND column Description/Notes
Bovine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency GBLAD GBLAD  “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
Beta Lactoglobulin Beta Lact BB is the most desirable genotype. An NR indicates no result available
Citrullinemia  GCIT CIT “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
Deficiency of Uridine Monophosphate Synthase GDUMP DUMPS “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
Alpha-Casein GA1C AlphaS-1Casein CC is the most desirable genotype. An NR indicates no result available.
FACTORXI GFACT FACTORXI “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
Mulefoot GMULE Mulefoot “A” Affected, “C” Carrier, “F” Free
DominantRed GDRED DominantRed “DR2” when possessing 2 copies of the dominant red allele; “DR1” when heterozygous carrying one copy of the red allele; or “DR0” when not carrying any copies of the red allele
Mastitis developed by Zoetis GZMAS Z_MAST Higher values are more desirable.
Lameness developed by Zoetis GZLAM Z_LAME Higher values are more desirable.
Metritis developed by Zoetis GZMET Z_MET Higher values are more desirable.
Retained Placenta developed by Zoetis GZRP Z_RP Higher values are more desirable.
Ketosis developed by Zoetis GZKET Z_KET Higher values are more desirable.
Displaced Abomasum developed by Zoetis GZDA Z_DA Higher values are more desirable.
Zoetis Calf Livability GZCLV Z_Calf_LIV Higher values are more desirable.
Zoetis Calf Scours GZCSR Z_Calf_Scours Higher values are more desirable.
Zoetis Calf Respiratory Disease GZCRP Z_Calf_Resp Higher values are more desirable.
Milk Fever developed by Zoetis GZMFV Z_MFV Higher values are more desirable.
Breed GZBRD BREED “HO” Holstein, “JE” Jersey, and “BS” Brown Swiss
  • New Nedap MILK configuration – DC-1319: The new \U1 switch for the Nedap MILK Command (MILK\VHU1) provides more granularity to which items get populated. By adding “ACDAT ACTIM ACCOD” to the command line, those items are mapped according to the following window:

This window displays the first time you run MILK\VHU1. To remap the options at a later point, use command SETMILK\INSTALL. Reference the following table for more details on the new Nedap codes:

Nedap Code Old New
Nedap Code 2: heat attention ACCOD=2 ACCOD=2
Nedap Code 2: Date ACDAT ACDAT
Nedap Code 2: Time ACTIM ACTIM
Nedap Code 4: Heat suspicious ACCOD=4 ACCOD=4
Nedap Code 4: Date ACDAT ACDAT
Nedap Code 4: Time ACTIM ACTIM
Nedap Code 5: decreased activity (leg tag only) ACCOD=5 RACOD=5
Nedap Code 5: Date ACDAT RADAT
Nedap Code 5: Time ACTIM RATIM
Nedap Code 800: health attention ACCOD=8 DXCOD=8
Nedap Code 800: Date ACDAT DXDAT


  • NAAB beef bull breed recognition – DC-1315, DCSD-52,: DairyComp now recognizes the NAAB breed code “XB” as a beef bull.
  • Improved Italian beef breed recognition for item type 190 – DC-1286: Item type 190 now recognizes the following breed codes as Italian beef bulls: “05”, “53”, “68”, “50”, “AN”, “BA”, “HE”.
  • Herdsize cleanup improvement – DC-1223: The cowfile size is no longer reset when running CLEANUP\2. Previously, the cowfile size would shrink if it included unused space.
  • PUTCOW\ I access to Previous Lactations – DC-1140, Bugz-10371: The PUTCOW\I command now supports the \C switch, which pulls Previous Lactation data. The new command is PUTCOW\IBC (the \B is still required). NOTE: Archived items are only included in the results for matching item names and types.
  • Additional event markers available on the CowCard Lactation graph – DC-1062, Bugz-10358: All events now display on the CowCard Lactation graph. A future release will offer the option to select which events to include in the graph.

Bug Fixes

  • Russian – Events and protocol display error – DC-1306, Bugz-10424: Repaired a bug that caused protocols of events to display incorrectly when the report was run in Russian.
  • Exception error when loading SCR milkweights – DC-1263, Bugz-10446, DCSD-43: Repaired a bug introduced in the 19.5.1 build that caused an exception error when running the MLOAD1 command.
  • EVENTS\2SI error when User Manager is enabled – DC-1308, Bugz-10431: Repaired a bug that caused an error when running the EVENTS\2SI command if the cowfile had User Manager enabled.

CowCare Updates

  • CowCare – Inspector report enhancement – DC-1340: The Inspector report now identifies the EVENT associated with the treatment.
  • CowCare – Inspector report REG correction – DC-1338, DCSD-42: Repaired an issue that caused a herd in CowCare to show DREG instead of REG.