DairyComp October 2019 Release Notes – 10-30-2019 Release

DairyComp 19.10.1 October release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  October 29, 2019

Release Date:  October 30, 2019

New Features

Support for the Lely Integration

DairyComp now provides the following support for Lely integrations:

  •  Completely replicated the existing Taurus integration by instructing DairyComp to communicate with the T4C API.
  • Users will have synchronized, consistent data in both the DairyComp and Lely software.
  • Removed the necessity for double entry and transfer data from one system to the other.
  • Data will be more accurate and up-to-date, promoting a more efficient dairy that allows users to make more informed decisions about actions they need to make within their operations.
  • Pen moves are enhanced to where dairy workers only need to physically move the animal. T4C will then detect when she goes to the Lely robot and tell DairyComp that she is in a new pen. Exception for Hospital Animals: If the dairy hospital is not a Lely robot, those animals need to be moved manually in T4C.
ALTER Usability Improvements

We have implemented significant usability improvements in the ALTER user interface, making it much more dynamic and powerful. ALTER still offers the same features you are already accustomed to, such as clicking the column titles to sort the list, typing an item name to jump to it quickly, and using shortcut keys to search, edit items, add new items, etc.
In the new interface you will find many additional enhancements, including:

  • New Sort Symbol and Multi-Column Sorting
  • Advanced Filtering and Sorting
  • Enhanced Search Feature
  • Item Details Displayed in New Right Side Pane
  • Enhanced Export Options

The sections below define each of these enhancements in more detail and provide examples to help you become familiar with the new features.
We hope that you find the new ALTER tool to be much easier and more user-friendly than before, and we welcome your feedback as you begin using it! If you find that any features from the former ALTER tool are missing, you can still access it at any time by typing the x switch at the end of the Alter command (example: alter\2x).

New Sort Symbol and Multi-Column Sorting

The new sort symbol helps you see which column title(s) you have clicked on to sort your list. In this new interface, you can sort by multiple columns. Click on the first column to choose it as the primary sorting order, and then hold the shift key and click other column titles to select them for secondary sorting.

Advanced Filtering and Sorting

In the new ALTER interface, you can right-click on any column title to open an advanced filtering and sorting menu. When you select an advanced filter, the system adjusts the list to group or sort your items accordingly. You can then drag and drop other column titles to add them as secondary sort criteria.

Enhanced Search Feature

We have made the search feature much easier to use in the new ALTER interface. Same as before, you can click the search button or press F9 to start your search, and you can still press the ESC key to exit out of the search. But now a new search window is displayed at the top of the window (see example below). As you type in the search field, the list displays all matching results, with your search string highlighted.

Item Details Displayed in New Right Side Pane

Instead of having to double-click an item to view its details, simply click on any item in the new ALTER interface to display its details in the new right side pane. The side pane is for reference only. If you need to edit an item, you can still double-click on it to open its details in a pop-up window.

Enhanced Export Options

Use the new Export options to fine-tune a list and then export it in many additional formats. Simply sort your list down to the results you want to export, like searching on the term “milk” in the Items list shown below, and then click the Export option in the Tools menu at the bottom of the left side pane. You can then customize your export and choose the format.


  • Cow will not be set to OPEN if bred within 14 days of loaded results – Bugz-9780, DC-620: When loading a pregnancy diagnosis from blood or milk with the DNO file, if a cow that is to be called OPEN is found to be BRED within the last 14 days, DairyComp will no longer set her to OPEN because her breeding was too recent to accurately detect the OPEN status.
  • ENTER\Z is NOT tested for logic in Russian or English versions – DC-1632, DCSD-132: DairyComp is not currently able to test the commands that are entered for Pocket CowCard, so when the Test button is used to test Russian or English commands for PCC, it will now inform the user that they cannot be tested in DairyComp.
  • For Surge milk import, let the user define a DCSetup.txt key for the gap tolerance – DC-1688: With the unique setup for DairyPlan where the farm milks 3 times and washes 2 times a day, users need to enter the pen order and the number of times that the pen starts. It defaults to +/-2hours from that time, so we added the Setup Parameter MGAP to allow the tech to specify the hours +/- the time entered in the setup.
  • Option to use GETCOW\I with TRACE enabled, while ignoring the Trace data prompt – Bugz-10461, DC-1521: The \T option has been added to the GETCOW command to bypass Trace. With this update, GETCOW\I will create trace records (if trace is enabled), and GETCOW\IT will not create trace records.
  • Delpro5.3 or newer will be using SETMILK\M15 – DC-1675: With the new Delpro interface, we will be moving to a new SETMILK option. It will use 15 Delpro to avoid confusion on which interface is set up. (Previously, the option was set to Alpro for all Delaval software.)

Bug Fixes

  • RECEIVE – PCTS will not load values > 10 – DC-1675: For some cows with a percent solids of greater than 10%, we resolved an issue where DairyComp was interpreting them as 1.0 instead of 10.
  • When running CONNECT\A the DNG file was not getting auto imported – DC-1682, DC-1626, DCSD-145: Repaired a bug that prevented CONNECT\A from auto importing DNG files.
  • IMPORTF\G doesn’t load GSCE or GDCE – DC-1685: Repaired a bug that prevented GSCE and GDCE from being updated/populated when the DNG file was imported.
  • PPKs load incorrectly in Europe – DC-1706: Resolved an issue that caused PPK files to load incorrectly in Europe. This fix allows us to continue onboarding herds in Europe.
  • HIT sending issues – Bugz-9959, DC-1314: Removed error conditions from sending to HIT that would prevent sending all the data.
  • Sire list Alter\8 adding sires generate errors – Bugz-10437, DC-1352: Prompt for Sire Name/Code when adding sires in Germany.
  • AfiFarm – DC Interface Improvement: Version Send Differentiation – Bugz-10437, DC-1352: When doing an MSEND with the \H switch, DairyComp was sending both the old format and the new format. This caused an error in AFI, so we updated the system to no longer send the old format when the \H switch is used.
  • Exception Error when running BREDSUM\M on Italy herd – DC-1667: This bug caused issues for herds using NAAB sire codes on some sires and the Italian sire codes on others. We updated BREDSUM\M to ensure it accepts both Italian and NAAB sire companies.