DairyComp October 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.10.0 October release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  October 10, 2019

Release Date:  October 10, 2019


  • Additional trait support and improved data import – DC-797, DC-1160, DC-941, DC-954, Bugz-10026, Bugz-10282, Bugz-10287: DairyComp added support for the import of Breed Base Representation (BBR) and PTA Livability (GLIV) traits. Other animal trait data mapping was also improved.
  • CowCare drug file import – DC-1646, DCSD-136: If the convert setting is set to Generic then a drug file will not be automatically assumed and downloaded. The tech needs to supply the correct drug file for the customer. If there is multiple drug files DC will prompt as we will only import one drug file.

Bug Fixes

  • REGID and Jersey Links import – DC-1606, DC1616, DCSD-129, DCSD-124, DCSD-126, DCSD-108: Repaired the import of the REG value, which had been modified in the file header to be REGID. The auto import of Jersey Links data was also addressed.
  • Smart Dairy milk weight ID – DC-1360, Bugz-10450: The milk weight ID field was expanded to 8 digits to support the import of milk weight data from Smart Dairy.
  • MONITOR\L not working – DC-1158, Bugz-10379: Addressed an issue that caused MONITOR\L to fail or DairyComp to lock up. You can now use MONITOR\3L to run Monitor without prompts that require manual input.
  • PLATFORM\P error – DC-1622, DCSD-130, DC-1623: Repaired a bug that caused the PLATFORM\P command to error out when no PPK is available.
  • CONNECT\A import failure – DC-1626: Repaired a bug that allowed CONNECT\A to download the DNG file but failed to import file data. The data now automatically imports when using the command.