DairyComp September 2019 Release Notes

DairyComp 19.9.0 September release has enhancements, integrations and bug fixes.

Build Date:  September 12, 2019

Release Date:  September 12, 2019


  • Expand protocol details – DC-1588,DCSD-121: Expanded the character limit of protocol details from 256 to 512.
  • Trace data merge tool – DC-1425,Bugz-10455: Developed a new tool to allow for the merge of Trace data from two TDB files.

Bug Fixes

  • Truncated calf ID in ECON\BD365 – DC-1389,DCSD-74: Repaired an issue that caused the last digit of CALF1 to be truncated. The full six-digit ID now displays.
  • NEDAP second transponder link – DC-1571,DCSD-113: Repaired a bug that caused second transponder items to be ignored. When a zero value was sent, NEDAP interpreted the data as a duplicate record and ignored it. Blank values are now exported as “-“ (hyphen).
  • Incorrect record transfer – DC-1584,DCSD-122: Addressed an issue that when multiple records for the same cow where being sent using PUTCOW\I it would show the wrong lactation record on the receiving cowfile.
  • Events report not displaying – DC-1587,Bugz-10469: Addressed an issue caused by corrupt tech data that prevented the EVENTS command from showing select events.
  • Parlor report for PPEN>200 – DC-953,Bugz-10266: DairyComp now supports pen numbers greater than 200 on Parlor reports. PPEN items must be set as item type 17 for facilities with milking pen numbers greater than 200.
  • Inactive tech on the Event Techs table in ALTER\14 – DC-1304,Bugz-10419: Repaired a bug that allowed an inactive DairyComp tech to be available in PCC.
  • AutoMast quarter issue – DC-1373: Corrected a missing ini setting when setting up AutoMast to allow for the quarter in the QQ to update using the value listed in the imported culture results.
  • Parlor Performance report missing data – DC-1447: Repaired a bug that caused data from stall 56 to fail to appear on Parlor reports.


New! Hoof Supervisor Integration
  • A brand-new integration between DairyComp and Hoof Supervisor
  • FILEOUT DairyComp hoof trim list to import into Hoof Supervisor
  • Import the completed file from Hoof Supervisor into DairyComp
    • Store trim only and LAME events with associated diagnosis protocols
      • Remarks include trimmer initials, affected hoof, and severity/M-score
    • Update special “hoof recheck date” item
  • Import is configured through the Hoof Supervisor vendor configuration dialog:
New! SmartBow Integration


  • A brand-new integration between SmartBow and DairyComp using DCSquirrel and the SmartBow REST API
  • Send basic cow Items and Events from DairyComp to SmartBow
  • Receive alerts for heat activity, increased activity, and rumination in DairyComp
    • Activity and rumination are also displayed on the Sensors page of the CowCard
  • Assign SmartBow tag device numbers to cows in DairyComp and export tag assignments to the SmartBow system


  • The DairyComp and SmartBow servers must be on the same Local Area Network (LAN) and maintain a static IP address
Updated – Delpro, Phase 1 Integration


  • Improved the send (MSEND) of animal information, including heats and breedings, from DC to DelPro,
    • Added send of ABORT events and negative pregnancy checks
    • Restructured how sort codes are sent to and interpreted by Delpro
  • Added a Vendor Configuration dialog to map required items for the send to Delpro:


  • Delpro must be on version 5.3 or newer