FeedWatch Release Notes

FeedWatch 9.0.053 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • New Commodity Type – FW-2615: “Milk” was added as a new commodity inventory item type.
  • Feature added to automatically check for disk space during install/update – FW-2909: When the FeedWatch program is installed, the computer will now be checked for disk space availability. The minimum requirement is 4.6 GB of available space on the hard drive. If there isn’t enough space available, a warning message will appear.
  • Check available disk space task created – FW-2911: A new feature was created that will check the hard drive for space availability. If the task finds that the hard drive space is less than 20% of its capacity, then FeedWatch will show a low disk space message. This message will appear for the Admin user when the user attempts to log into FeedWatch. Once the message is acknowledged by clicking OK, it clears the message for that particular user, as well as all other FeedWatch Admin users.

    The CheckAvailableDiskSpace task will automatically be scheduled to run as a weekly task.
  • Check for RAM task created – FW-2910: A new feature was created that will check the computer for RAM memory amount. If the task finds that the RAM memory is less than 16 GB, then FeedWatch will show a warning message. This message will appear for the Admin user when the user attempts to log into FeedWatch.

    The CheckForMemoryRamTask will automatically be scheduled to run as a monthly task.
  • Vault integration – FW-3096: FeedWatch now has the ability to send data (Animal Target Costs, Pen Name, Primary Pen Type, Cow Count) to DC Squirrel for Vault integration. This is set up in FeedWatch via a scheduled task called “Write Vault File.”


  • Warning message added – FW-2037: A warning message now appears when a user attempts to disable equipment that is assigned to a feeding.
  • Removed vasLinks – FW-2758: Removed all references to vasLinks from the FeedWatch database.
  • Added additional copyright text – FW-2902: Added the following text to the About dialog box: “Any use of the software is subject to Valley Agricultural Software’s Privacy Policy and license and subscription agreements.”
  • Reworded text in the FeedWatch Software Update dialog box – FW-2903: Changed the “Cancel” button to a “Skip” button. Also changed the text in the dialog box as shown below:
    OLD text: Click Update to apply the update, or cancel to skip for now. FeedWatch will remind you the next time FeedWatch starts if you cancel.
    NEW text: Click Update to apply the update now, or Skip to continue without updating. If skipped, you will be reminded again the next time FeedWatch starts.
  • Improved low disk space message – FW-2908: When a user attempts to restore a database with low disk space on your hard drive, an error message appears. The error message is triggered if there is less than 800 MB on the hard drive when the restore process is initiated. The simplified error message now states: “There is not enough space on the disk.”
  • Enhancements to the About dialog box – FW-2972: Made the About dialog box slightly larger to remove the scroll bars.
  • Removed PeriodKey to Packet 24 – FW-2974: Ensures that the Services tab is not updated if the …24 scale code is enabled on the touch scale application.
  • Added a Sales panel to the Commodities tab – FW-2906: For better transparency, a Sales panel was added to the Commodities tab.
  • Legal Docs – Added date/time stamp – FW-3034: When the user accepts the legal terms, the date and time of the acceptance is now stored.
  • Legal Docs – updated – FW-3061: Added the updated versions of the EUSA and EULA legal docs.
  • Override / Balance improved logic – FW-2825: Improved the functionality of Override feedings by linking the “period setting” to both the Override and Balance feedings. The user will now get a message when the period is changed for either the Override or Balance feeding.
  •  Auto Update improvements – FW-2744: For auto updates that are scheduled to run on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, they will now be skipped and run on the next Monday instead.
  • Improvements made to the Language dropdown – FW-2850: The “Edit Terms” option was removed from the Language dropdown. This dropdown option now has a single function of switching to another language.
  • Report Library: The number of reports has been increased. The report library can be found via Reports > Library Reports. The new/modified reports include:
  • Modified Inventory Transaction costing process – FW-2896: Improved the way in which the FeedWatch Service handles the InventoryTransaction feeding records. This includes a change to the RecostInventoryTransactions record for ingredients that are enabled for inventory tracking.
  • Service now filters out bad date records – FW-2882: Added logic to the FeedWatch Service to not process LoadIngredientRecordImport, LoadRecordImport, and DropRecordImports if the date is 1/1/2001. The scale app generates this date if the feeding record is incomplete or missing information.

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong Copyright year shown – FW-2729: In the About dialog box, the copyright year was updated to always show the current year.
  • Wrong Comm status – FW-2063: Fixed an issue where the Service screen was falsely showing “Comm – OK.”
  • Empty layout panel – FW-2727: Fixed an issue where switching to a different preset layout while on the Home screen caused an empty panel box to display.
  • Removed “Pending” check box – FW-2730: Removed the “Pending” check box from the following transactions: Animal Sale, Ingredient Sale, Milk Sale.
  • Pen creation wizard updated – FW-2733: Resolved an issue where the pen creation wizard was requiring a minimum Cow Count of 1 to be able to save the new pen. A new pen can now be created with a Cow Count of 0 (zero).
  • New ingredient – application crash fix – FW-2904: Resolved an issue where the application would crash if attempting to save a new ingredient with the same name as an existing commodity name (and vice versa).
  • Added missing commodity types – FW-2905: When creating a new commodity via Home > Commodities, the only commodity types available to be used in the Inventory Edit panel were Ingredient and Animal. Added the following commodity types to the Inventory Edit panel: Other, Cow, Bull, Milk, Waste.
  • Ingredient DM Base Cost issue – FW-2278: Resolved an issue where the DM Base Cost was changing slightly after a modification to the ingredient’s DM%.
  • Setting modifications – application crash fix – FW-2728: Resolved an issue where the application would crash if the user made a setting change that was over the specified limit for either the Users, Pens, or Equipment (e.g., Equipment limit = 2 and trying to save a 3rd equipment would cause the application to crash).
  • Duplicate zone – application error fix – FW-2800: Resolved an issue where an error message would appear if the user attempted to create a duplicate Zone.
  • Inventory tracking – enabling tracking error message – FW-2985: Resolved an issue where an error message would appear if Inventory Tracking is turned on while metric settings were also turned on.
  • Metric number format fix – FW-3002: Resolved an issue where the locale information caused data to go into the database in a format that it couldn’t parse. The data will now be converted so that it can be saved.
  • Multiple identical DM adjustment records – FW-2312: Resolved an issue where a DM% adjustment record was showing as a duplicate adjustment in the ingredient’s history.
  • Premix ingredient DM% update feature not working – FW-2980: Applied a fix that will allow the premix ingredient DM% to be updated automatically when the premix is made. This fix is compatible only with the WinCE7 Touch scale application (v7.6.193) as the scale app was modified to ignore the ‘Pmx Drop DM Upd’ flag. The FeedWatch desktop Services will now handle the premix update records.
  • History tab auto-complete fix – FW-2774: Resolved an issue where the auto-complete feature on the History tab could trigger an error when the planned equipment was different from the actual equipment (e.g., Feeding with an “aliased” equipment).
  • Saving a new ingredient error – FW-3132: Resolved an issue where an error message appeared if the user created a new ingredient and immediately saved it. This was a bug only when the new ingredient was created outside of the ingredient wizard box.
  • Override / Balance load issue – FW-2976: Resolved an issue where loads were disappearing from the scale without being fed. This issue was occurring if the “balance feeding” exceeded the mixer capacity.
  • WeighRite Inventory Tracking – FW-2865: Resolved an issue where a WeighRite transaction that comes into FeedWatch will turn on Inventory Tracking for that ingredient regardless of App Settings. WeighRite transactions will now automatically turn on inventory tracking only if the App Settings are set to <TrackingOnDelivery>TRUE</TrackingOnDelivery>.
  • Contracts – application crash fix – FW-2934: Resolved an issue where the application would crash when trying to create a new contract with a commodity type set to “ingredient.”
  • WeighRite transaction issue – FW-2947: Resolved an issue where WeighRite transactions were processing but not appearing in FeedWatch.
  • Equipment export error – FW-2954: Resolved an issue where a SQL Query Log error occurred when exporting data to equipment.
  • Compress database task issue – FW-3073: Resolved an issue that caused the Compress DB task to fail.
  • Vault integration – Batch feedings not sent – FW-3140: Added a case statement to the Vault query to use actual cost when target cost is zero. Fixed both the TaskHandler and the Desktop.
  • Inventory issue when changes made in wizard – FW-3107: Resolved an issue where a change made to an ingredient via the Ingredient wizard dialog box would result in a reduction in Quantity on Hand inventory.
  • Inventory issue when location of the ingredient is changed – FW-3108: Resolved an issue where the on-hand inventory amount was changing to zero when the location of the inventory was changed. The user will now be unable to change the location of an existing inventory from one location to another. Rather, the user will simply perform a location inventory transfer or an inventory adjustment transaction.
  • Auto Update popup window only shows for VAS User – FW-3145: The Auto Update feature has been modified to show the popup window for Admin and/or SysAdmin user types.
  • Missing data when report generated via task scheduler – FW-3141: Resolved an issue where some reports were missing data when the report was generated via the automatic task schedule.