FeedWatch April 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application April release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  March 26, 2019
Release Date:  April 11, 2019

New Features

  • Notification when saving a premix recipe – FW-3212: A notification was added to inform users that premix ingredient DM% changes may be required when a premix recipe is modified.


  • Batch by Ingredient feature – FW-2682: The Batch by Ingredient feeding method was removed from both the desktop and Touch Scale app. To feed a one-ingredient batch load, set up a recipe with the single ingredient. The Batch by Recipe feature remains unchanged.
  • Load Optimize feature – FW-2868: Removed the Load Optimization drop-down option from the Feeding Schedule tab. Additionally, the Drop Optimization option was removed as a sub-view on the Companies tab, as all configurations are now using the Drop Optimization method.
  • Service tab opens by default – FW-3392: After logging in, the app now opens the Services tab by default.
  • Adding an ingredient to an existing recipe – FW-3391: Adding an ingredient to an existing recipe can now be done two different ways:
    • Click the New (green plus) icon to add an ingredient from the Recipes > Ingredients and the Recipes > Instructions panels.
    • Or, drag an ingredient to add it from the Ingredients box.
  • UI improvements – FW-3103, FW-3104, FW-3242, FW-3300, FW-3335: Removed the Open Case and Reference Guide icons. Removed references to the unused CRM API connection. Updated the EUSA and EULA documents. Also, the report footer now updates the copyright year dynamically.

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory Balance Report issues – FW-2803, FW-2804: Deleted ingredients are no longer being included in the Inventory Balance Report, and starting values are now displaying correctly (including ingredients for which the tracking start date was less than 2 days from current day).
  • Backup File Size – FW-2927: Fixed an issue where a database backup was a different size if it was created manually instead of from the task scheduler.
  • History tab issues with metric settings – FW-2989, FW-3406: Addressed two issues in the History tab when metric settings were used. It no longer crashes when opened, and it no longer errors out when entering a new date filter.
  • Error when creating new ingredient – FW-3133: Addressed an unexpected error message that displayed when saving a new ingredient.
  • Feeding issue when creating new pen – FW-3155: The first scheduled feeding now displays correctly on the Pens tab after a new pen is created.
  • Task scheduler reporting – FW-3183, FW-3188, FW-3205, FW-3383: Addressed multiple issues for reports created automatically from the Generate Report task:
    • All reports now email automatically when scheduled to do so.
    • The Feeding Period and Ingredient Sequences now display in correct order on the Feed Sheet report.
    • The Mix/Load/Drop report now is generated with all required information displayed including equipment name, and the copyright date displays correctly in the footer.
  •  Software version number in reports – FW-3339, FW-3340: All report footers now include the correct software version number.
  • Communication to FeedWatch Online (FWO) – FW-3280: Addressed a communication issue between FeedWatch and FWO.
  • Column name correction– FW-3288: Corrected the name of the Weighback Drop DM column header in the Fixed Dry Matter Intake report:
  • Copying errors – FW-3297, FW-3299, FW-3343: Copying a commodity type, ingredient, or pen no longer causes errors.
  • Inactive ingredient affecting inventory – FW-3310: Inactive ingredients are now ignored when inventory numbers are updated. This addresses an issue that caused inactive ingredients to reflect incorrect location information for inventory data updates.
  • Override feeding validation – FW-3359: Override feedings are now validated properly.
  • Change history information – FW-3362: DM% adjustments completed from the scales now display correctly in the recipe history. Also, the Modified By column in the Recipes > Ingredients panel is now populating correctly.
  • Status logs on Services page – FW-3386: Status logs are now only visible to the VAS System Admin user.
  • Equipment limit – FW-3393: The equipment limit is now working as expected.