FeedWatch December 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application 9.8.5 December release has enhancements.

Build Date: December 03, 2019
Release Date: December 04, 2019


  • Last Export Status – FW-3778: The timestamp displayed on the Services > Last Export status was changed from displaying the most recent ‘attempted’ export to now displaying the most recent ‘completed’ export (see example below). A completed export is defined as an export that has been received by the feeding equipment device.
  • Execute Query task timeout – FW-4060, FW-4061: The query timeout for scheduled tasks has been changed from the default of 30 seconds to 900 seconds. This will allow for the task to run longer without the chance of it timing out. This change will affect any ‘Execute Query’ task:
    • Compress Database
    • Update Statistics
    • Reorg/Rebuild Fragmented Indexes
    • Update Daily Report Tables