FeedWatch July 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application 9.3.6 July release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date: June 26, 2019
Release Date:  July 01, 2019


  • History screen filter default – FW-2577: The default From and To dates on the History screen are now set to today’s date:
  • Vendor user scheduled tasks – FW-3640: Query-typed scheduled tasks now display when logging into FeedWatch as a Vendor user.
  • Logging info for Platform files – FW-3696: Additional logging information is now included in files pulled into FeedWatch from the Platform.

Bug Fixes

  • Metric setting fixes – FW-3468, FW-3692: The following metric setting issues were addressed in this release:
    • Company Weight Type now updates the database correctly when set to metric.
    • When the date range is modified on the Ingredient and/or Delivery screens, the application no longer crashes unexpectedly.
  • Pen double save – FW-3518: Pen modifications no longer require two clicks on the Save icon to capture the update(s).
  • Rounding values of base costs – FW-3520: Corrected an issue that caused the cost value to be rounded up after a base cost was entered or modified for an ingredient.
  • Premix ingredient DM% – FW-3698: The premix ingredient DM% is now correct when the premix includes ingredients with 0 DM% (e.g., water).
  • Feeding plan update – FW-3511: The feeding plan updates properly when it has two or more scheduled feedings, and the Plan DM/HD displays correctly:
  • Report base filters – FW-3661: Reports now support multiple base filters:
  • Disabled equipment with assigned loads – FW-3708: Repaired an issue that caused an error to display on the scale equipment when a load was started on a mixer that was currently disabled for communication.
  • Equipment limit – FW-3690: The Equipment Limit is now controlled by the quantity of mixer modems defined in the device settings:

A warning message displays if the modem equipment limit is exceeded: