FeedWatch June 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application 9.2.10 June release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date: May 29, 2019
Release Date:  June 3, 2019

New Features

  • Platform data in FeedWatch – FW-3491, FW-3651, FW-3652, FW-3653, FW-3654, FW-3655, FW-3664, FW-3695: The following VAS Platform FeedComp data types are now visible in FeedWatch:
    • Pen Adjustments
      ▪ Activation/Deactivation
      ▪ Pen Counts
      ▪ Daily Feeding Target
    • Recipe Adjustments
      ▪ Ingredient Sequence Order
      ▪ Ingredient Instructions
      ▪ Alternate Recipe
      ▪ Density Factor
    • Ingredient Adjustments
      ▪ Dry Matter %
    • Export Requests


  • Services tab improvements – FW-3467: The Services tab no longer includes empty Feeding fields.
  • Version numbering improvement – FW-3642, FW-3676: The Desktop and Touch Scale apps now use consistent version numbering formats. The format is defined below:
    • Version x.y (e.g., Version 9.2)
      ▪ x = major release
      ▪ y = minor release
  • Override feeding improvements – FW-3647, FW-3648, FW-3649: Several Override feeding enhancements were incorporated in this release:
    • If a feeding period has multiple Override feedings and the last scheduled Override feeding is changed to a non-Override feeding, it is automatically converted to the Balance feeding.
    • Unique mixers can now be assigned to Override and Balance feedings (e.g., Override feeding = Mixer 1, Balance feeding = Mixer 2).
    • An improved message displays when the Feeding Period or Recipe is changed for an Override or Balance feeding:

Bug Fixes

  • Partial drop/Skip operation – FW-3595: Repaired an issue with incorrect “Stop Time” drop records that occurred if a pen received feed multiple times from the same load (e.g., partial drop of pen x, press Skip button, drop feed to other pens, then drop remaining amount to pen x).
  • Task scheduler report – FW-3602: The Graph Feeding Time by Equipment report now runs successfully when created automatically from the Generate Report task.