FeedWatch May 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application May release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date: May 16, 2019
Release Date:  May 20, 2019


  • Page report improvements – FW-3489: Page reports now include the correct FeedWatch logo and footer information.
  • Override feeding improvements – FW-3519, FW-3522, FW-3623, FW-3515, FW-3460: The following improvements were made to Override feedings:
    • Override AF Qty minimum amount is now 100, and any amounts lower than 100 are not accepted.
    • An existing Override AF Qty can now be increased.
    • Added conditional formatting to indicate whether a feeding is an Override “Anchor” feeding or an Override “Balance” feeding:
  • Service changes to distinguish between Scale and Platform imports – FW-3668: The services were updated to indicate whether the following transactions were sent from the Scale app or Platform:
    • Pen Count Adjustment
    • Pen Activation Adjustment
    • Daily Feeding Adjustment

Bug Fixes

  • Drop Sequence numbers must be unique – FW-3481: Fixed an issue where a pen could be created with the same drop sequence of an existing pen.
  • Recipe premix creation – FW-3318, FW-3498: Addressed an unexpected error message that displayed when a new or existing recipe was marked as a Premix.
  • Multiple balance feedings per period – FW-2757, FW-3590: Fixed an issue where multiple override balance feedings were permitted in the same feeding period.
  • Additional feeding when drop is shorted – FW-3352: Resolved an issue where the shorted drop amount from target was reappearing on the scale feeding schedule as an additional feeding. The schedule now uses an “Open Loop” feeding method by default.
  • Recipe DM quantity changes – FW-3378: Resolved an issue where the DM Qty of the ingredients in a recipe were not being refreshed properly after a DM% adjustment from the scale.
  • Ingredient in a recipe multiple times – FW-3452: Resolved an issue where a premix load was marked as incomplete on the History tab if an ingredient was in the premix recipe multiple times.
  • Recipe modifications – FW-3531: Addressed an unexpected lockup condition that occurred after modifications were made to an ingredient in a recipe.
  • Deletion of pen types – FW-3458: Resolved an issue where a pen type could not be deleted if it was previously assigned to a pen.
  • Feeding start time modification – FW-3569: Addressed an unexpected error that occurred if the start time of a feeding was changed.
  • Task scheduler report – FW-3622, FW-3678: The Graph Feeding Time by Equipment report now runs successfully when created automatically from the Generate Report task.
  • New pen creation – FW-3627: Addressed a crash condition that occurred if the user cancelled during the process of creating a new pen.