FeedWatch November 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application 9.7.8 November release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date: October 29, 2019
Release Date: November 04, 2019


  • Update Daily Report task – FW-3966: The Update Daily Report scheduled task has been optimized to run more efficiently.

Bug Fixes

  • Task scheduler reporting – FW-3950: The All Ingredient AFDM Usage Summary Report now generates correctly when using the Generate Report task.
  • Inventory tracking fixes – FW-4022, FW-4025, FW-4029: Addressed multiple issues for inventory tracking:
    • On-Hand balances are now shown correctly after making an inventory adjustment transaction.
    • Fixed an issue that caused On-Hand balances to fail to update.
    • On-Hand balances no longer include voided inventory amounts after a delivery is made.
  • App crash on recipe change – FW-4027: Addressed an unexpected app crash that occurred when creating a recipe or adding an ingredient to an existing recipe.
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