FeedWatch September 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Desktop Application 9.5.16 September release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date: September 07, 2019
Release Date:  September 10, 2019


  • Merged PCB Batchinator – FW-3461, FW-3462, FW-3870: FeedWatch has been streamlined to allow for its Services and Install Package to work seamlessly with the PCB Batchinator integration.
  • “Recreate Schedule” warning message – FW-3715: A warning message now appears when the user clicks on the Recreate Schedule option on the Feeding Schedule tab:

Bug Fixes

  • Deliveries without Inventory Tracking – FW-3056: Deliveries can now be made without turning on the Tracking Enabled setting for the ingredient.
  • DM costs after v7 conversion – FW-3555: DM ingredient costs are now populated correctly after a database is converted from Version 7 to Version 9.
  • Duplicate equipment export files from Platform – FW-3693: In the event that Platform sends duplicate requests for an equipment export to FeedWatch, any file that duplicates the first request will be ignored.
  • Inventory Item is now locked – FW-3771: The Inventory Item via Ingredient > Locations is now locked and greyed out, preventing it from being changed:
  • Missing ingredient in a task scheduler report – FW-3842: When a report is generated via the task scheduler, it now includes any ingredients with a disabled location.
  • Override feeding fixes – FW-3705, FW-3869, FW-3885: Several fixes were made to Override feedings in this release:
    • When a feeding period is changed (e.g., AM to PM) for an Override and/or Balance feeding, the assigned feeding equipment of those feedings will not change.
    • The desktop app now correctly displays feeding amounts after a feeding adjustment is made at the scale app for any pen with Override and Standard feeding(s) in the same period.
    • The correct feeding is now assigned as the Balance feeding if there are multiple Standard feedings for the pen.