FeedWatch Touch Scale April 2019 Release Notes

FeedWatch Touch Scale Application 7.6.199 April release has enhancements and bug fixes.

Build Date:  February 12, 2019
Release Date:  April 11, 2019


  • Batch by Ingredient feature – FW-2682: The Batch by Ingredient feeding method was removed from both the desktop and Touch Scale app. To feed a one-ingredient batch load, set up a recipe with the single ingredient. The Batch by Recipe feature remains unchanged.

Bug Fixes

  • Blank file causing errors – FW-2674: If a blank CurrentLoad.xml file is created, the Touch Scale app now ignores it and continues to operate normally.
  • Metric settings scale app – Unable to receive an export – FW-3007: Fixed an issue that caused an export to fail when using metric settings on the desktop app.
  • MicroBatcher loading issue – FW-3083: Fixed an issue where an error would appear when picking a load on the tablet that had at least one MicroBatcher ingredient in it.
  • Fed loads with balance feeding amounts – FW-3394: Fixed an issue where a DM/HD change from the Touch Scale app caused an issue with the feeding schedule (additional feed was incorrectly scheduled). This only occurred when the active recipe being fed was an Alternate Recipe.