HeiferPro Integration: DairyComp

Overall Benefit of VAS and HeiferPRO Collaborating Together

  • DairyComp data automatically transferred:
    • Removes double entry, increasing accuracy
  • Improved HeiferPro calculations for:
    1. Calf Rearing
    2. Record compliance & regulation documentation

Features and Functions

  • One-directional export from DairyComp (via Squirrel) to CafoPro website
  • Monthly update
  • Data points from DairyComp include:
    • COUNT: Animal Head Count based on REPRO
    • REPRO: Heifer, milking, dry
    • AGE: Heifer counts based on AGE in months
    • Avg Milk: lbs/day, monthly average or Testday average
    • SCC: monthly average, if available

About HeiferPRO

ProfitSource has developed a Heifer Management and Billing software program called HeiferPRO. HeiferPRO is a Robust record keeping system that allows you to manage identification, medical, growth and reproduction records and much more.

From 50 heifers to 50,000 heifers, HeiferPRO can accommodate your needs. No operation is too big or too small to make their operation more profitable with HeiferPRO.

VAS is the global market leader in dairy management software and consulting services. VAS is an innovative technology company providing on-premise and Cloud solutions, business intelligence, analytics and integration to efficiently manage dairy operations. VAS’s mission is to transform dairy operations with connected technology, intelligence and analytics that enhance the profitability of the producer. To learn more about VAS visit our about page.

Relating company: ProfitSource

ProfitSource is the creater of HeiferPro. ProfitSource has been in the software business for over 25 years. Specializing in agricultural programs and create custom software for other businesses. ProfitSource has writtten software for feed industry consultants, feed companies and recycling companies.