Micro Technologies and VAS have integrated their Cubex system and the VAS Pulse Platform. This integration allows users the ability to utilize the data between the two systems to make more informed decisions and better their use of medicine

Micro Technologies Cubex: VAS Pulse Platform

By creating an integration between VAS Pulse Platform and Cubex, medicine treatment usage can be linked to medicine inventory usage. Individual animal treatments will be able to track to the bottle and the technician who administered the treatment, allowing for insight into protocol compliance, employee accountability, and reduce medicine loss or overstocking. Cubex has a standard link to Micro Technologies for automatic medicine ordering when inventory becomes low; with the integration, knowing where that medicine is being used will be more transparent. 


  • VAS Pulse Platform will link usage through entered Events, proper dosage sizes established by dairy owner/manager/veterinarian in CowCare, and Cubex medicine inventory usage.
  • Owners and managers will be able to track medicine ordering, protocol compliance, and medicine usage/loss on the farm through regular reports and graphs within VAS Pulse Platform.
  • Reduce Medicine Overstocking
  • Increase compliance
  • Automate Medicine Ordering
Micro Technologies

Micro Technologies was founded in 1971 by Bill Pratt who saw an opportunity for technology in production animal facilities.  He developed the Micro Weigh System which is an electromechanical device that automates and optimizes the measuring and dispense of micro-ingredients.  Traditionally this procedure was done by hand or received as a mineral pack.

As time went on Micro saw other needs for technology.  They developed software systems that would allow feed yard producers to track and trace animals, feed, and treatments.  Developed in 1984, the first Pro Control Batching system to automate the feeding process around the batching area.

Since 1971 Micro Technologies has filed over 80 patents and has developed over 100 useful inventions to help their customers be more efficient and more profitable.  They continue this legacy today as their customers demand for innovation grows.

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