ParlorComp April 2019 Release Notes

ParlorComp April release has new features and bug fixes.

Build Date:  April 4, 2019

New Features

  • ParlorBoss Nedap integration – PC-864, PC-917, PC-922, PC-931, PC-935, PC-960, PC-1020, PC-1023, PC-1025: Added support for Nedap equipment, including Nedap password encryption and storage, ignoring zero (0) cows, displaying animal details, and implementing required options. Software version detection, connectivity updates, and other UI improvements were also added.
  • Added Task Color editor – PC-530: ParlorComp now includes an editor that allows you to adjust task colors.
  • Pen change information – PC-746: ParlorComp now notifies ParlorWatch of pen changes.
  • New reporting by scan date – PC-899: ParlorComp now supports reporting by EID scan date.
  • UI additions – PC-944, PC-968, PC-1012, PC-1024, PC-1037, PC-1060: ParlorComp now provides a Cow Not Found message in ParlorBoss (when no EID is found during scan), improved handling of duplicate stalls, an option to hide/show multiple controls, the ability to disable ParlorWatch listener (from the Options screen), and options to display and refresh current ParlorBoss data.
  • ParlorComp performance updates – PC-885: Added async/await code to improve performance and error-handling.

Bug Fixes

  • UI fixes – PC-737 , PC-777 , PC-973, PC-996, PC-1007, PC-1009: Fixed the following UI and display issues: Photo Eye object detection (displays a red N when no scan, but object detected), Stall Lag progress bar now shows correct percentage, Log Viewer no longer cuts off log contents, Reader Status refreshes after exiting the Options screen, addressed a typo on the Options dialog.
  • Other general fixes – PC-789, PC-910, PC-949, PC-950 , PC-955, PC-959 , PC-964 , PC-985, PC-989, PC-1019, PC-1038: Addressed multiple errors and unexpected conditions, including size error during ParlorBoss startup, occasional lockups requiring a restart, exceptions upon starting reader listening with Nedap, exception for Directory Not Found, not showing Nedap username and IP address, displaying incorrect Herd Refresh status, Stall Reader index error, Transactions error (when no CSV is present), ParlorWatch listener lockup (due to incorrect ParlorWatch data), COM Port error, and ParlorBossWinClient.exe process running even after ParlorBoss is closed.