Pocket CowCard – Android January 2019 Release Notes

Pocket CowCard – Android 2001131838 release has enhancements, bug fixes and known issues.

Build Date: January 13, 2020
Release Date: January 13, 2020


  • PCC now collects feature use statistics and crash details – PCC-740, PCC-710: To help VAS make better informed development decisions, PCC now includes tracking features that provide more efficient insights into the use of the PCC program and deliver detailed application crash information as soon as possible. See the examples of tracking and crash data below:
  • Display command abbreviation titles for SERVER worklists – PCC-7xx, PCC-705: As illustrated below, PCC now displays the title of command abbreviations for server worklists.
  • Improved tooltip messages and icons to help you when sort a worklist and view the sorted results – PCC-740, PCC-704: The PCC interface is making it easier for you to use sorted worklists! You can press and hold the sort icons (circled in red below) for 2 seconds to view their meaning, or tap the icon to change the sort order of the worklist. Within each sorted page, you’ll find other tips and indicators that help you see the information that is included in your current sort. These messages are also presented in Chinese, Russian, and Spanish. See the examples below to learn more.

SORTING of the PENS panel:  PENS sorted by pen (Default) or downby pen

SORTING of the TODO panel: TODO sorted by List-Order (Default) or by ID

SORTING of the QUEUE panel: QUEUE sorted by SCAN (Default to oldest scan time) or by ID

SORTING of the DONE panel: DONE sorted DOWNBY SCAN (Default to newest scan time) or by ID

Icon “long press” localization description examples for Chinese, Russian and Spanish:

  • Improved the toast message notification displayed in worklists – PCC-740: Replaced the “Toast” method notification with the “Snack Bar” method in the refactored worklist areas. Fast repetitive tapping of the sort icon was causing lockups of the APP on certain devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Zebra TC-25 PCC wants to write to Enterprise Storage – PCC-740, PCC-739, PCC-322: Restored the ability to write to either the SD CARD or the Internal Storage areas of the Zebra TC-25 . Writing to Enterprise Storage is now blocked.
  • The current production release does not notify the users that a new version is available – PCC-740, PCC-741: Fixed the notification that a new release is available. One must do the following: Deliver your transactions to Dc305. Then with a web browser go to vas.com/Android to install the new release. Soon this site will be deprecated, and we will move to delivery of the PCC app through the Google Play Store.

Known Issues and Other Considerations

  • 2020/01/13: Uninstalling the PCC app will remove it and all associated data from your device: This means you will lose all your custom settings, herd folders, unposted transactions, and archived transactions on the device. If you must uninstall your app, please deliver any unposted transactions to DC305 first, then consider renaming your app folder COM.VAS.PCC. We are looking at ways to preserve some of the content if possible, based on how Google’s Android handles the uninstall process.
  • 2020/01/13: The server that handles the distribution of the PCC Android app will be sunset soon: The Google Play store is the method we are looking at for distributing the PCC app.
  • 2019/01/13: PCC Android users may need to update or replace older Android devices: Future updates for Pocket CowCard Android require the Android device Operating Specification to be in the range of Lollipop 5.0 to Oreo 8.1. Please upgrade or replace your device before 2/15/2020. If you have any questions on the options or would like to purchase a device, please contact sales at 888-225-6753.
  • 2019/12/12: Scanning new animals into the herd from a TODO list or AD-HOC event: Scanning of a new animal into the herd currently adds that animal to DC305 immediately. In a future PCC Android release, we plan to match the current Windows Mobile functionality and instruct the DC305 Server to hold those new “add” transactions rather than immediately adding them to the system.
  • 2019/11/13: Scan method overwrite: Scan method items may be changed inadvertently from their original values when tapping on animals from the QUEUE or DONE tabs in worklists. For instance, an R or V method may update to a T. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming release.
  • 2019/10/11: DC305 license and application upgrade required: Future improvements for the Android version of Pocket CowCard and the VAS Platform will require that you upgrade your Version 5 DC305 licenses to Version 8. An application upgrade to the XE version of DC305 will be also be required.
  • 2019/03/07: Android Nougat 7.1.2, 8.1.0, and other newer versions cannot read 8-digit SD Card – PCC-315: Google has removed the ability to read the 8-digit SD Card ID on newer versions of Android. The current method is to use the Device ID for the licensing of Pocket CowCard at the time of registration.