Pocket CowCard – Android July 2019 Release Notes

Pocket CowCard – Android V1907161735 release has enhancements, bug fixes and known issues.

Build Date: July 16, 2019
Release Date: July 16, 2019


  • Localizations: We are in the process of improving application localizations in Spanish, German, Chinese, and Russian languages. Updates are included in this release, and additional improvements will be implemented in upcoming releases.
  • Professional licensing now available – PCC-595, PCC-472, PCC-473, PCC-474, PCC-475: Professional licensing is now available for PCC, including the PRO SCAN, PRO WRITE, PRO READ, and POCKET BREEDER licenses.

Note: Android PCC licensing is not at full parity with Windows Mobile licensing options.

  • About screen details for PCC Android – PCC-595, PCC-586, PCC-587: Information in the About section for PCC Android now includes more application details, such as the License Type (Professional or Standard):

Bug Fixes

  • Losing Data when entering EXPERT BATCH and filtering TODO lists – PCC-595, PCC-589: Fixed a filtering issue that caused DONE animals to be removed from lists when using EXPERT BATCH. Now all TODO and DONE animals are refreshed upon entering EXPERT BATCH, and all animals are correctly recorded and updated.
  • PCC WRITE and PCC READ Licenses should not have a SCAN option – PCC-595, PCC-583: Repaired an unexpected condition for READ and WRITE licenses that caused RFID scanning to become enabled. The SCAN option is no longer being presented.
  • BREEDING GRID application crash when sire details are limited – PCC-595, PCC-584: Repaired a crash condition that occurred when limited sire details were available and BULL/UNKNOWN or HEAT ONLY selections were made from the BREEDING GRID.
  • BREEDING GRID application crash when adding a new sire – PCC-595, PCC-597: Repaired a crash condition that occurred when adding a new sire from the BREEDING GRID.

Known Issues

  • Android Nougat 7.1.2, 8.1.0, and other newer versions of Android cannot read 8-digit SD Card – PCC-439, PCC-315:Google has removed the ability to read the 8-digit SD Card ID on newer versions of Android. Workaround: Use the Device ID for the licensing of Pocket CowCard at the time of registration.
  • RESOLVED: PAC-5000 glare/poor visibility in direct sunlight – PCC-503: Complete the following steps to address poor visibility in bright conditions:
    1. Apply an anti-glare/anti-fingerprint screen protector to your device. Use the following link to review an assortment of screen filters: Amazon: Anti Glare Anti Finger Print Phone Screen
    2. Increase the device display brightness.
    3. Use the DAY MODE theme located in the PCC Android settings. Use the following link to learn how to find and set your device to DAY MODE: Day Mode Pocket CowCard Tip of the Month
  • RESOLVED: Pocket Trimmer Licensing in ANDROID – PCC-476: We will NOT be able to port the Pocket Trimmer application over to Android. Please contact your sales team for potential upgrade solutions.
  • RESOLVED: Scan button enable issue with Galaxy Note 9 – PCC-566: We encountered an issue with Galaxy Note 9 devices in which the SCAN button is not enabled in the PCC Batch tab. If you experience this issue, update the operating system.