Pocket CowCard – Android October 2019 Release Notes

Pocket CowCard – Android V1910111223 release has enhancements, bug fixes and known issues.

Build Date: October 11, 2019
Release Date: October 11, 2019


  • Added a LOCK/UNLOCK icon to the ADD and EXPERT BATCH forms – PCC-671, PCC-574: When using the ADD and EXPERT Batch command forms, it was possible to accidently touch the content area of the command and unintentionally inject output into the command or change the content. As shown in the examples below, we updated these forms with a new LOCK/ UNLOCK icon to help prevent accidental changes when using these powerful commands:
    • Tap the LOCK/UNLOCK icon until it turns green (unlocked) and then select and modify your command content.
    • Tap the icon again to re-lock the screen after you have edited the command. Then proceed with batch entries.
  • Improved localization – PCC-671, PCC-590, PCC-591, PCC-592, PCC-593, PCC-594: Improved and translated the warning messages for “Sanity Checks” in the BRED Event for the English, Chinese, German, Russian, and Spanish languages.
  • Updated the ADD BATCH routine in Pocket CowCard Android to the same functionality as the Windows Mobile version – PCC-671, PCC-553: We reduced the number of transaction lines to avoid changing data on existing animals in the herd. If you now enter a standard ID that exists in the cowfile, the ADD BATCH content will be held by the DCSERVER and not overwrite existing items for that record.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Event and Remark labels on the VETFORM screen to be visible in Day Mode – PCC-671, PCC-623:  Darkened the font color in Day Mode so that it is easier to see.
  • Fixed an issue that caused VETFORM to crash when using a Version 5 cowfile PCC‑671, PCC-674: Recent updates to PCC Android are optimized toward use with the most recent version of DC305 (Version 8). Because of this, the September 2019 PCC Android release encountered an issue that caused the app to crash when using a DC305 Version 5 cowfile and selecting a result in the VETFORM. We have repaired this issue, but please see the Known Issues section of this document about using a Version 5 DC305 license with Pocket CowCard Android in future releases.
  • On certain Android devices, the number pad lacks the decimal button when using a tablet on IP Server settings PCC-671, PCC-638: The decimal (period) key is now present on devices we tested that were known to have this issue.

Known Issues

  • Version 5 DC305 license users should upgrade their license to be compatible with future releases of Pocket CowCard Android and the VAS Platform: Future improvements made in the Android version of Pocket CowCard will require that users upgrade their DC305 licenses to Version 8 DC305 and use the XE version of DC305.
  • Android Nougat 7.1.2, 8.1.0, and other newer versions cannot read 8-digit SD Card – PCC-315: Google has removed the ability to read the 8-digit SD Card ID on newer versions of Android. The current method is to use the Device ID for the licensing of Pocket CowCard at the time of registration.