Pocket CowCard – Android September 2019 Release Notes

Pocket CowCard – Android V1909121406 release has enhancements, bug fixes and known issues.

Build Date: September 12, 2019
Release Date: September 12, 2019


  • Improved localization – PCC-661, PCC-493,PCC-494, PCC-608, PCC-581, PCC-582, PCC-600, PCC-609,PCC-610,PCC-611,PCC-614, PCC-615, PCC-616, PCC-617,PCC-618,PCC-630, PCC-632, PCC-642, PCC-649, PCC-661: Improved several German and Russian translations throughout the app.
  • Option to add a new animal to the Breeding Grid– PCC-661, PCC-578: When using the Breeding Grid and recording an unknown animal, a new prompt is presented to confirm the ID and PEN number and then the option to provide breeding event details. When this data is delivered back to DC305, the transactions will be HELD by the SERVER until a user confirms the ID and adds it to DC305 with an ADD routine. You can then repost the held transactions:
  • Create method for recording EOT (Event of Tech) on VET FORM – PCC-661, PCC-94: When using the VETFORM with EVENT TEAMS set up for VET exam events, you will be able to select the TECH to go with the vet entry event results. We are currently investigating options for improving the speed of entry when using the current VETFORM and will include improvements for handling the EVENT TECH in a future release.
  • Need to be able to have a blank Breeding Code selection in the Breeding Grid to avoid error notification– PCC-661, PCC-525: You can now set the BREEDING CODE to be MANDATORY on the Breeding Grid as a choice in app Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Added ability to choose RPRO code of DRY for ABORT routines where DDAT>0 – PCC-661, PCC-230:  Repaired the app to allow a RPRO code of DRY for cows with DDAT>0.

Known Issues

  • Android Nougat 7.1.2, 8.1.0, and other newer versions cannot read 8-digit SD Card – PCC-315: Google has removed the ability to read the 8-digit SD Card ID on newer versions of Android. The current method is to use the Device ID for the licensing of Pocket CowCard at the time of registration: