Pocket CowCard – Android V1811071600 Release Notes

Pocket CowCard – Android V1811071600 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • Added support for ADD\Z batch commands and added a new “BATCH” TAB – PCC-30, PCC-341, PCC-348: We added support of the ADD\Z command content to Android Platform, and we added a new TAB called “Batch”. You will find the Expert Batch and Add Batch commands under this new tab.  There will be more refinements coming to this new feature in the months ahead. IMPORTANT: Please “Select a Pre-Defined Command” before using the Add Batch command.


  • Added a new Color Theme called DAY MODE – PCC-261, PCC-348: Under the Settings section, you will find a new feature for selecting Default Themes:  Night Mode or Day Mode. With this setting, future themes can be develop as needed. Night Mode is the term used for the dark background, and Day Mode is for the light backg There will be more refinements coming to this new feature in the months ahead.
  • Display the Titles of “Expert Batch” and “Add Batch” Command Abbreviations – PCC-269, PCC-348: Titles of batch command abbreviations are now displayed to help with selection of batch commands.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Pen Count Header on Command Lists – PCC-336, PCC-348: The count of Pens in a List was incorrect, this has been fixed.
  • Reordered when to deliver POST PROCESS command content back to DC305 on the delivering of PCC transactions-PCC-334,PCC-348: This issue has been resolved as to when to send over the ~\ Post Process Commands to Dc305. One must be careful to only create post process commands that can be run at any time. Any post process command that requires multiple devices to post first cannot be used in PCC lists. These types of commands need to be scheduled to run inside DC305 or used AD-HOC inside Dc305. A great example of this, is when someone resets cows SYNC DATES that were missed from an OVSYNCH work list being used across multiple devices. Please contact your “Support Specialist” for more detailed information and watch this month’s PCC Tip of the Month.
  • Modified the order of the last three ID’s entered during Expert Batch command to match the Windows Mobile PCC method-PCC-342,PCC-348: Modified the sort order to match what windows mobile performs, newest on the left oldest to the right. There will be more refinements coming to this feature in the months ahead.

Android Expert Batch

Windows Mobile Expert Batch

  • List of changes to the Android PCC APP before installing-PCC-270,PCC-348: The latest release of PCC Android is not displaying the update log content correctly. This may be released twice to test and may be released as a hot-fix.