smaXtec Integration: Platform

smaXtec offers a powerful tool that supports dairy farmers in managing cow health and fertility. The revolutionary bolus-based system provides customers with vital information such as heat detection, calving prediction, health monitoring and frequency of water intake which simultaneously is a direct indicator of feed intake. The cow monitoring system is particularly advanced in terms of early detection of diseases and irregularities as continuous temperature monitoring of the internal body temperature is the best indicator for changes in animal health. Whenever there is need to take action, farmers get an alert. They can react much faster and most importantly as early as possible which results in a reduction of severe diseases and medication and thereof continuously stable milk production and reduced costs.

smaXtec’s goal is to improve dairy farmers’ daily work by providing useful insights and early alerts in case of irregularities. By using our newly combined product, farmers will be able to both improve animal health and welfare as well as performance and financial outcomes significantly.

VAS is the global market leader in dairy management software and consulting services. VAS is an innovative technology company providing on-premise and Cloud solutions, business intelligence, analytics and integration to efficiently manage dairy operations. VAS’s mission is to transform dairy operations with connected technology, intelligence and analytics that enhance the profitability of the producer. To learn more about VAS visit our about page.

Overall Benefit of VAS and smaXtec Collaborating Together

Making life easier for dairy farmers is vitally important to us. This is why are proud to announce the collaboration between smaXtec and VAS, enabling farmers who already use the herd management software to simply integrate their smaXtec alerts in their existing application. Furthermore, we want to keep the farmers’ amount of work to a minimum, including necessary data entries. Up to now, certain data had to actively be entered into both systems. Thanks to our collaboration, all necessary data synchs automatically to ensure customers work with updated data at all times while saving time due to single data entry.

Features and Functions

  • VAS select Items and Events sent to smaXtec
  • VAS Platform is populated with activity data, rumination data, and associated alerts in Partners tab of CowCard. pH data also included for Premium bolus users
  • smaXtec alert animals are added to VAS Platform worklist
  • smaXtec alerts will then be visible for customers in the VAS Platform animal CowCard “Partners” tab, e.g.
    • Health alerts enabling farmers to react immediately and reduce the risk of severe onset of diseases
      • Temperature increases (e.g. due to feverish diseases such as mastitis or outside conditions and heat stress)
      • Temperature decreases (e.g. due to metabolic diseases such as milk fever or ketosis)
      • Changes of drinking cycles (e.g. due to disease or problems with water provision)
      • Reduced Activity (e.g. due to lameness or other disease)
    • Reproduction alerts enabling effective inseminations and monitoring of calving
      • Estrus alerts
      • Calving alerts


SmaXtec won the Innovation Award Silver Medal at the Eurotier 2018 for its innovative bolus-based cow monitoring system.- learn more