SomaDetect Integration: VAS Pulse Platform

Overall Benefit of VAS and SomaDetect Collaborating Together

This integration with VAS API will enable SomaDetect’s technology to synchronize with your milking equipment automatically.

With this integration, dairy farmers can take advantage of new technologies like SomaDetect without needing to replace their existing cow identification systems. Bridge the information gap between you and your cow and begin the digital transformation of your operations.

Features and Functions

  • SomaDetect provides data for every cow at every milking. This requires SomaDetect data to be associated with the correct cow in the milking parlor. This integration enables automatic transfer of your milking identification system data to SomaDetect’s system so that SomaDetect algorithms can be linked to the correct cow.
  • Synchronize with current milking data in VAS software
  • Eliminate double data entry of cow records

Who We Are

SomaDetect is a precision dairy technology company milk quality and dairy data company with offices in Fredericton, NB, Buffalo, NY and Thorold, ON.

SomaDetect has designed and produced an in-line sensor that measures critical dairy-quality indicators from every cow at every milking.  SomaDetect’s technology uses no consumables, chemicals, or cartridges, and with no lost milk.


SomaDetect provides farmers with the information they need to make the best possible milk.


Connecting, empowering, and enlightening our dairy system from every cow to every consumer.


Better data for farmers. Better milk for consumers. Better lives for cows.


  1. Farmer First
  2. Focused On Quality
  3. Fiercely Innovative

Learn More about SomaDetect by visiting their website or follow them on social media:


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