VAS Platform 1.13.0 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.13.0 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Date 06/27/2019

New Features

  • smaXtec Platform Integration: VAS is committed to partnering with other technology leaders in the dairy industry, and we are thrilled to offer our first Platformintegration for existing smaXtec customers. The previously grayed-out CowCard Partners tab now displays live smaXtec sensor data and alerts for each animal equipped with a bolus:

    The Platform also pulls items requiring action into one of two smaXtec-specific worklists:

  • See smaXtec Overview for more information on how VAS consumes and leverages smaXtec data to show alerts, build worklists, and display animal details–all without leaving the Platform.


  • Create your Own Platform WorklistsThe Platform now allows you to create your own worklists in DairyComp and send them to the Platform. See Step 1: Send Lists from DairyComp to the Platform for instructions.
  • Herd Write Permissions Now Required for Certain Mobile Worklists Actions:The following worklist actions in the mobile app are now controlled by Herd Write permissions:

    • Tap or scan an animal to mark it as DONE. The Mark Done option is no longervisible for users without Herd Write permissions.
    • Process changes and send list updates back to DairyComp or our integrated Platform partner products. The Process Changes button is no longer visible for users without Herd Write permissions.
    • Undo an animal on the DONE list.

IMPORTANT: You may need to update some user permissions based on this change. Users with Herd Read permissions can still open and view worklist status and details; however, they must be assigned to a role with Herd Write permissions to perform the actions listed above. See Worklist Permissions for more information. For more information on Platform Permissions, see Edit User Permissions and Default Roles and Permissions.

  • Ability to Edit DM% for FeedComp Ingredients in the PlatformThe FeedComp Location DM% Adjustments feature now allows you to adjust the DM% and sort DM% data by location. If any DM% adjustments are made, the button activates so that you can save your changes.

    See Location DM% Adjustments for more information!
  • Updated Scanner Notification for iOS Worklists: Because iOS devices automatically connect to paired scanners, the iOS version of Platform Worklists in the mobile app no longer provides a scanner connection switch. Instead, it now indicates whether the scanner is connected or not:
  • Expanded Online Help for the Mobile App: To support the more advanced features that we are introducing into the mobile app, we have expanded the Mobile App topic in the Platform Help. It now provides information on all of the available mobile app features, as well as detailed instructions on how to use each of them. This topic is now better aligned to grow with the mobile app as new features become available!

Bug Fixes

  • This release also includes minor UI bug fixes and performance enhancements.

VAS Platform 1.13.1

VAS Platform 1.13.1 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Date 07/11/2019

New Features

  • New Export to Equipment Option: The new FeedComp Export to Equipmentfeature allows you to quickly send any feed changes to FeedWatch Desktop and out to your equipment. This includes any adjustments to recipes, ingredients, or DM% completed in FeedWatch or the Platform.

    See Export to Equipment for more information.


  • Additional Keyboard Support when Editing FeedComp Location DM% AdjustmentsWhen editing DM% values, you can now press the Enter key as a shortcut to save each update. You can also use the ESC (Escape) key if you want to back out of editing a value and cancel the update. If you have already changed the value, the system will prompt you to confirm that you want to discard the change. See Location DM% Adjustments for more information.
  • Release Notes Moved to a Different Location in the Platform Help: To make it quicker for you to find help on the main Platform features, we have moved the Release Notes Help topic to the last item in the Help menu:

Bug Fixes

This release also includes minor bug fixes and performance enhancements, including:

  • Repaired Information Displayed in the Open Worklists Status Page: The Open Worklists page in the web version of the Platform includes the following updates:
    • The Method column now correctly identifies when a user manually taps Mark Done to set an animal to DONE.
    • The Done By column now correctly populates the name of the person who set the animal to DONE.

      This update also impacts worklist information sent from the mobile app, so be sure that your app is updated to the current release to fully implement this fix.
  • Repaired Error Messaging in FeedComp Location DM% Adjustments Page:Repaired an issue that sometimes triggered an unnecessary error message when editing values for FeedComp Location DM% Adjustments.

VAS Platform 1.13.2

VAS Platform 1.13.2 release has bug fixes.

Release Date 07/18/2019

Bug Fixes

  • Worklist Filter by Pen Feature: The Open Worklists page in the web version of the Platform includes improved Filter by Pen functionality, and no longer returns duplicate results.
  • This release includes other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The mobile app was not updated for Release/1.13.2