VAS Platform 1.14 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.14.0 release has new features and bug fixes.

Release Date: 07/25/2019

Revision Date: 08/01/2019

IMPORTANTPlease make sure to run the web updater in DairyComp 305 to take full advantage of the updates in this Platform release.

New Features

  • **DairyComp** Enter Events in the Platform Mobile App (available on 08/01/19)Version 1.14.0 of the Platform mobile app is available in the app stores, and it now supports Event Entry! In the current release, this new feature allows you to create events, add animals to them, and process your changes — all from the mobile app while you are out on the dairy.The mobile app makes it easy to add animals individually or in bulk, either by searching for them manually or using a scanner. When you finish adding animals to an event, simply tap the Process My Changes button to send your updates back to DairyComp.

    IMPORTANTIf one of the supported Platform events is not available in the mobile app, please contact VAS Platform Support to make sure that the DairyComp event command is formatted properly and is being received by the Platform.

    See the following topics to learn more!

  • **DairyComp** Use the new Platform LIST Command to View ReportsThe new Platform Command Line feature brings the power of DairyComp into the Platform, allowing you to generate many of the same reports you’re able to view in DairyComp. The Platform Command Line currently supports the LIST command, and additional commands will be available in upcoming releases. See Platform Command Line to learn more!

  • **Core**‑Level Support in the PlatformFor customers with multiple dairies, the Platform now allows you to view all of your dairy data at the company level. The following updates are available to support this new feature:

    • Add Platform users to the company: To access a company, the current Platform release requires that a member of the company send you an invitation to connect with the company. See Invite a User to your Company for more information.
    • Customize your company dashboard: The new Company Dashboard provides a snapshot view of essential information for all dairies within your company. Key animal data, such as Cow Stats, are available for all company dairies, or can be viewed in a graphical format by individual dairy–all in a single dashboard. See Company Dashboard for more information.
    • View new company‑level widgets in the company dashboard: To support the company dashboard, two new widgets are available to show data across all of your dairies:

      You can add dairy-level widgets to your Company Dashboard. Dairy‑level widgets are collapsed below their respective dairy on the Page Customization screen to help you choose widgets for the correct dairy:

Bug Fixes

  • Repaired several issues in the Platform Command Line (available on 08/01/19):
    • []Commands that use calculated/extracted items on the right side of a condition no longer fail. (For instance, MKDAT>TODAY.)
    • [] Commands that specify a date now display the date in the correct format in the recent history and results.
    • Commands that include a range condition now display properly when printed or exported.
  • **FC/PC** Repaired FeedWatch Integration StatusRepaired an issue that caused FeedWatch integration status to indicate that it has lost connection when it is still active.
  • This release also includes other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

VAS Platform 1.14.2

VAS Platform 1.14.2 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Date 08/08/2019

New Features

  • MOBILE – New Mobile App PIN Entry SettingsYou can now set how often the mobile app prompts you to enter your PIN. To find this new setting, tap the user account button  at the top right of the app, and then tap the new User Settings option (see example below). You can then set the app to prompt for your PIN AlwaysAfter 8 hours, or Once a day. See User Account Page to learn more!




  • **FC/PC** Worklist Details Page Displays Avatar PictureThe DONE tab on the Worklist Details page now displays the user’s avatar picture beside the name of the user who set the animal to DONE:

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes, as well as the following specific updates in the mobile app:

  • MOBILE – Repaired mobile app timestamp for animals marked DONE in a worklist while offlineIf your mobile app is offline when you mark an animal in a worklist as DONE, the timestamp now correctly tracks the time the animal was actually set to DONE and not the later time when you’re back online and able to process the changes.
  • iOS mobile app repairs for worklists:
    • MOBILE – app now correctly identifies “needed” animals when scanning them for the first time.
    • MOBILE – app no longer displays the MARK DONE option for animals that are not needed in the list.
  • Additional minor bug fixes were released under version 1.14.1 for the mobile app only on 8/5/19.

VAS Platform 1.14.3

VAS Platform 1.14.3 release has bug fixes.

Release Date 08/15/2019

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes, as well as the following specific updates:

  • CORE – Ability to Edit User Roles:The option to Edit Roles for existing users was returned to the User Management screen:

See Edit User Permissions for more information on modifying user permissions.


  • CORE – Corrected Permissions for Herd Worker and Herd Supervisor RolesThe default permissions for Herd Worker and Herd Supervisor were corrected to include Herd Write access. For more information on user roles and their associated permissions, see Default Roles and Permissions.
  • DairyComp – Multiple Conditions in Platform Command LineRepaired an issue that caused commands with multiple conditions to generate inaccurate results.


The mobile app was not updated for Release/1.14.3.