VAS Platform 1.15 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.15.0 release has new features, enhancements  and bug fixes.

Release Date: 08/22/2019

IMPORTANTPlease make sure to run the web updater in DairyComp to take full advantage of the updates in this Platform release.

New Features

  • **Mobile & DairyComp** multiple tickets Platform Support for Embryo TransfersVAS is pleased to announce that the Platform now includes support for Embryo Transfers. You can use the Platform mobile app to enter Embryo Transfer events and then send the updates to DairyComp. See the following topics to get started:

    • Embryo Transfer Event: Use the mobile app to create and process your Embryo Transfer events:
    • Transferred Embryos: Use the web version of the Platform to view all of your transferred embryos:
    • DairyComp, MOR-8634, MOR-8692 SUM and COUNT Commands Now Supported in Platform Command Line: Building upon the recently introduced Command Line feature, we’re now supporting two more powerful commands in Platform Command Line. In addition to LISTPlatform now also supports the SUM and COUNT commands.
    • **Mobile** multiple tickets New Events Available in the Mobile AppIn addition to the new Embryo Transfer Event, the Event Entry feature in the mobile app now provides the additional events listed below. See the following topics to learn more, and see the new Tips for Entering Events topic for help entering events in the mobile app!
  • DairyComp New DairyComp Item Definitions Page: The new DairyComp Item Definitions page displays detailed information on all items configured in DC305, including any custom or dairy-specific items. DairyComp items capture specific animal data points, including numbers, dates, animal status, and milk production details that are critical to managing your herd. These data points are the foundational components of VAS data analysis and daily management tools, including reports, worklists, and Platform widgets. See DairyComp Item Definitions Page to learn more about the details on this page.
  • Integrations AgSourceKetoMonitor Integration Now AvailableVAS is committed to partnering with other technology leaders in the dairy industry, and we are excited to announce the general availability of the AgSourceKetoMonitor integration. You can now view predictive ketosis test data for your herd directly in the VAS Platform as a new widget. Tracking ketosis data allows you to make feed adjustments and proactively treat affected animals, reducing their risk of contracting other, more serious conditions. See Platform Partners for more information on activating this integration.


  • CORE Ability to Invite Users to a CompanyFor customers with multiple dairies on the Platform, you can now send an invitation for users to connect with your company, rather than adding them without sending an invitation. Invited users will receive an email which they can use to accept the invitation and then begin viewing your company‑level data. See Invite a User to your Company for more information.
  • CORE Improved Interface for Adding Dairy Widgets to a Company DashboardAdding dairy widgets to your company just got easier. All dairy widgets now display collapsed below their associated dairy:

    See Customize Dashboards for more information on customizing a Company Dashboard.

  • Feed Ability to Edit Recipe Dry Matter (DM), As-Fed Quantity (AF) and Sequence for Ingredient MixingRecipe adjustments in Platform have arrived! The FeedComp Recipes feature now allows you to make adjustments to ingredient mixing order or to DM and AF quantities. If any DM or AF changes are made, the button activates so that you can save your changes. See Recipe Details and Adjustments for more information.
  • FC Feed and Inventory Export EnhancementsFeedWatch now performs an initial export to Platform that contains only new records added since the last complete export. This addresses failures that resulted from new items not being recognized by the Platform database.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes minor bug fixes in both the mobile app and the web version of the Platform.

VAS Platform 1.15.1

VAS Platform 1.15.1 release includes minor bug fixes and enhancements in both the web and mobile versions of the Platform.

Release Date: 08/29/2019

VAS Platform 1.15.2

VAS Platform 1.15.2 release has both enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Date: 09/05/2019


New Custom Sire Options in Bred EventWhen entering the sire ID for animals in a Bred Event, you now have the option to add a custom sire ID:


Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes in both the mobile app and the web version of the Platform, including:

VAS Platform 1.15.3

VAS Platform 1.15.3 release has  bug fixes.

Release Date: 09/12/2019

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes in the web version of the Platform. The mobile app was not updated for this release.