VAS Platform 1.19 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.19.0 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Date: 12/19/2019

IMPORTANTPlease make sure to run the web updater in DairyComp to take full advantage of the updates in this Platform release.

New Features

  • Full Platform Embryo Module Now Available! The Platform has improved upon its Embryo Transfer support and now allows you to fully manage your Embryo Inventory. As illustrated below, the Platform makes adding embryos simple, and defining embryo details in advance saves you precious time during embryo transfer tasks while out on the dairy with your embryo technician.

Here are the exciting new features you can look for in the Platform Embryo module!

  1. Add EmbryosYou can now easily add multiple frozen or fresh embryos, such as those harvested from an embryo flush, or you can also add individual embryos:

2. Select Embryos from Inventory for Mobile Embryo Transfer Events: Your Embryo Inventory is available from the mobile app when entering an Embryo Transfer event. Choose the transferred embryo to quickly auto-populate required event fields:

3. Edit EmbryosAfter adding embryos to inventory or completing embryo transfers, you have the option to edit or delete fresh, frozen, or transferred embryos:



See Embryo Inventory to learn more!


  • View Pen Details in Your Pens ListThe Platform Pens list now allows you to view each pen’s details and a list of animals in that pen. If you’re using the Pens table view, click the pen number to view its details. If you’re using the Pens card view, click the Details link at the top right of the pen’s card to view its details:

See Pen Details and Animal List to learn more!

  • Quarter Selection Improvements for Events with ProtocolsTo make selecting quarters easier when entering events with protocols, we have updated the page to show a visual image of the animal. As shown in the example below, you can select all quarters or simply tap the ones that the protocol affects:


Please be aware that your dairy’s configuration for the Remark field in DairyComp may affect how many quarters you can select in the mobile app. See Events with Protocols for details.

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes in both the mobile app and the web version of the Platform, including:

  • Saved Commands CorrectionPlatform Command Line now restricts the naming of Saved Commands to exclude all DairyComp commands (LIST, SUM, EVENT, etc.), items (PENLACTDIM, etc.), and sort/group by terms (FOR, BY, DOWNBY). See Manage Saved Commands for more information on naming commands.

VAS Platform 1.19.1

VAS Platform 1.19.1 release has bug fixes.

Release Date: 01/02/2020

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes in the web version of the Platform, including:

  • Platform Embryo Module FixesThe Embryo Inventory feature includes UI enhancements and bug fixes to improve the general usability and functionality of adding and editing embryos in inventory, as well as viewing Transferred embryos.

  • Platform Parlor Overview and Reports UpdatesThe Parlor Overview page and Reports widgets were updated to include a milk weight unit correction and improved milking/washing mode detection.

The mobile app was not updated for this release.