VAS Platform 1.7.0 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.7.0 release has enhancements and bug fixes.


Since the initial launch of the VAS Platform, we have received lots of valuable feedback and have considered ways that we can improve your experience when using both the web and mobile versions. In Release/1.6.0, we focused primarily on enhancing the web interface to give you quicker and easier access to the features you use most.

For a quick look at the new interface, watch the video tour below.

The main differences are:

  • Features that were available in the left sidebar are now in a feature navigation bar at the top of the page:
    • The Dairy button takes you back to the home page for the dairy you are currently viewing.
    • The Dashboard button opens your Dairy Dashboard.
    • The Pens button now gives you quicker access to your dairy’s Pens List.
    • The DairyCompFeedComp, and ParlorComp buttons contain expandable sub-menus where you can access all of the available herd, feed, and parlor features. These menus will grow as new features are added in future releases.
  • The dairy name you are currently viewing is displayed at the top left of the page, with an expandable list that lets you easily switch to another dairy.
  • A new Configure Dairy button is available at the top right of the Platform window. It contains an expandable menu with options to manage your dairy configuration, as well as Platform users and roles.

Additional Updates in this Release

  • New Recipes List under the FeedComp menu.
  • New options in the FeedComp Ingredients List:
    • View ingredient details by clicking the new Details link at the top right of any Ingredient card.
    • New Filter option at the top right of the Ingredients page allows you to filter the list by Type, In Recipe, Premix, and Location.
  • Quick search for an animal using F2 key.
  • Bug fix to prevent the only user with Owner permissions from leaving the dairy.
  • Bug fix to provide missing Canadian French translations in the mobile app.