VAS Platform 1.8.0 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.8.0 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • FeedComp Inventory & Projections Page: The new FeedComp Inventory & Projections page tracks how much feed inventory the dairy has on‑hand and projects how much is needed over the next 30, 60, and 90 days. It also alerts you to any inventory that is running low and how much of each item remains. To view this page, select FeedComp > Inventory & Projections from the Feature Navigation Bar.
  • FeedComp DM% Adjustments Page: The new FeedComp DM% Adjustments page allows you to review the DM% (Dry Matter Percentage) of all the dairy’s ingredients, as well as where they are located and when the DM% was last changed. To view this page, select FeedComp > DM% Adjustments from the Feature Navigation Bar.


  • Login to Last Dairy ViewedWhen you log in to the Platform, you will now be taken to the home page of the last dairy you viewed.
  • View FeedComp Recipe Details: You can now click the Details link at the top right of any FeedComp recipe card to view the following information: 
  • Recipe composition.
  • Directions for mixing the recipe, including the sequence and amounts.
  • A list of pens that use the recipe.
  • Links to view ingredient details.
  • Online Help UpdateAdded new Help topic: How do I refresh the My Dairies list in the mobile app?

Bug Fixes

This release includes minor bug fixes in both the web version and the mobile app, as well as the following priority fixes:

  • Repaired Widget Error ProcessingUpdated the Dashboard and Overview pages to ensure that a widget in error state does not impact the display of any other widgets. Also, if a widget encounters an error, the title of that widget will be displayed so that you know which one has encountered the error.
  • Mobile App: Repaired Crash on Samsung Galaxy 5 Devices: Repaired a bug that caused the mobile app to crash when selecting a dairy on a Samsung Galaxy 5 device.