VAS Platform 1.9.0 Release Notes

VAS Platform 1.9.0 release has new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • FeedComp Bunk Scoring PageThe new FeedComp Bunk Scoring page allows you to view feed bunk details for each pen, including a graphical representation of the dry matter per animal fed each day, the number of animals in the pen, the target dry matter per animal, as well as whether feeding for the pen is active. To view this page, select FeedComp > Bunk Scoring from the Feature Navigation Bar.
  • Platform NotificationsThe VAS Platform now provides Notifications to share details on the latest product releases, as well as system messages, general alerts, and notifications. An activity badge  on this icon at the top of the page indicates the total number of unread messages, and clicking the Notifications icon displays links to each message.


  • View FeedComp Inventory MovementsThe FeedComp Ingredients List now allows you to view a list of Last Inventory Movements for each ingredient. Click the Details link at the top of any ingredient card to view this information:

Bug Fixes

This release also includes several UI bug fixes and system performance enhancements.

VAS Platform 1.9.1

Release Date: 3/14/19

This release includes minor bug fixes and UI fixes in the web version of the PlatformThe mobile app was not updated for Release/1.9.1.