VAS Platform Release/1.3.0


Tulare, CA

New Features

Customize Your Dashboard! Use the new Customize this Page button at the top right of the Dairy Dashboard page to add, remove, and rearrange widgets on the Dashboard. See Customize Dashboard for more information.

DairyComp, FeedComp, and ParlorComp Operations Menus Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that the Dairy Operations menu in the left toolbar is now active. As shown in the example to the right, you can click the DairyComp, FeedComp, and ParlorComp Operations buttons to view the following information:

New! Overview Pages: Overview pages are much like the Dairy Dashboard but instead provide an area where you can display information that is specific to the herd, feed, and parlor sides of your dairy. See Overview Pages to learn more!

New! Pens Lists: The Dairy Operations menu allows you to view a Pens list for DairyComp, FeedComp, and ParlorComp. The Pens list page displays all pens across all of your dairy zones and provides many filtering options to help you see only the pen information you need at the moment. See Pens List for more information on the page, as well as options to filter the view:



Testdays: You can now click the Date column header to toggle between displaying the newest and oldest Testdays at the top of the list.

New Dashboard Widgets:

The new widgets listed below are now available in the Platform. If they are not automatically displayed on your Dashboard, see Customize Dashboard for
instructions on how to add them: FeedWatch Equipment Status Widget: For customers who have integrated FeedWatch with the Platform, the new Equipment Status widget can be be added to your dashboard.

Weather Report Widget: The Dairy Dashboard now offers a Weather Report widget so that you can easily check the current weather forecast at the dairy.

Milk Shipment Widget: The new Milk Shipment widget displays information about how much milk has shipped from your dairy. See Milk Shipment for more information.

ParlorComp Widgets: For customers who have integrated ParlorComp with the VAS Platform, you can add 2 new widgets to your Dashboard or Overview pages (see examples below). The Parlor Status widget displays information about parlor wash cycles, and the CVMS (Chemical Usage) widget displays information about the chemicals that are being used in your wash cycles. To add these widgets to a Dashboard or Overview page, follow the instructions in Customize Dashboard and look in the Parlor category of widgets.

Add/Edit the Image on Your Dairy Home Page: The Dairy Configuration page has a new option to add or edit the image that is displayed on your dairy home page. See Edit Dairy Information for more information.

Ability to Leave a Dairy: If you no longer wish to be connected to a dairy, your User Account home page now provides an option to leave it. See How do I leave a dairy? for instructions.

Integration Status: View FeedComp and ParlorComp Integration Details: For FeedWatch and ParlorComp customers who have integrated your system with the Platform, you can now check connection status details in the integration status window. See When was my data last synchronized? for more information.

Mobile App:

App Version Number Displayed: You can now check which version of the VAS Platform mobile app is installed on your mobile device. The version number is displayed on the user login screen and your user account page.

New Feature “Placeholders”: Two new options—Lists and Commands—are displayed at the bottom of the dairy screen as placeholders for some exciting new features that are currently in development toward a future release!

Online Help Updates:

The VAS Platform Online Help includes additional reference topics:

  • For User Accounts and Roles, there are 2 new topics: Permission Descriptions and Default Roles and Permissions to help users understand the impacts of changing user roles and permissions.
  • For Dairy Dashboard, there is a new Widget Descriptions topic for reference when customizing a Dashboard or any Overview pages. This topic is a work in progress and will be expanded with additional widget descriptions in upcoming releases.

NOTE: The mobile app updates listed here might not be immediately available on Apple iOS devices. As soon as this latest release is approved by the App Store, your iOS device will receive the updated version. We apologize for the inconvenience.