Manage your herd easily and accurately with the world’s leading herd management software. DairyComp is a proven tool that will do its job faster, easier and with more sophistication than any other method.


DairyComp is the most advanced Dairy Management Software program in the Dairy Industry. DairyComp makes your work faster, easier and more sophisticated than any other method. This program has the necessary tools to keep track of all the information of a cow. for example, information on reproduction, production and health. It satisfies the current and future challenges of record keeping and remains competitive in the industry.

“By utilizing DairyComp on our operation, our management abilities have become even more thorough. If you put good data in, you will get good data out.”

– Jason Mell, VanderGeest Dairy, Merrill, WI

DairyComp is a proven time-saver for both entering and retrieving information about a dairy herd. It has been shown to save over 50% of the time required recording daily information using manual cards. Duplicate entries are eliminated. For example: Breeding information is transferred as parentage information to a heifer calf’s record when she is born. This user-friendly program can be modified so that various reports and default values are set to the dairyman’s choices. The menu systems are setup to be easily followed, with a very helpful description of what each menu choice does.

  • Speed fastest program for recording and getting information. 
  • Flexibility can be customized to a variety of dairy management styles. 
  • Compatibility connects with all cooperating DHIA centers.
  • Sophistication capable of connecting with on-farm milking systems.
  • Manage your herd easily and accurately while monitoring daily performance with DairyComp.

Use your DairyComp data to make calculated and cost saving decisions. You are able to detect problems before they have consequences on your performance with easy to access reports.  Have peace of mind and assure food safety with milk and meat withholds. DairyComp makes sure all your cows get the attention they need with accurate and informative lists.

Pocket CowCard

Pocket CowCard is a handheld application that puts the power of DairyComp in the palm of your hand. With Pocket CowCard (PCC), your staff has access to animal records anywhere they go. Immediate access to current information means better decision making.

  • Allows cowside data entry for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Less time spent finding animals, decreasing lockup times.
  • Quick and accurate genomic tissue sampling.
  • Provides food safety with hospital list including milk withholds.
  • Ensure protocol compliance.