60% of your dairy’s cost of production is linked to feed – make the most out of your investment with our feed products.

Maximize your return on investment with FeedWatch

Feed Insights – Delivered.

  • Analyze feed usage with robust analytics
  • View and Track Inventory
  • Minimize Shrink and Loss
  • Integrate with DairyComp for always accurate pen counts
  • Support Feeder Accuracy and Efficiency

“The biggest benefit of FeedWatch, right out of the gate, is the ability to monitor what the feeders are actually putting into the feed boxes and really be able to look at it in real time, [and] have the errors and exceptions reports. We’re actively using it to monitor our inventories and the cost of our production, feed costs and how it affects our milk cow production.”

– Jim Whitehurst, Shamrock Farms, Arizona

Access to Data

View feed data and make changes on-the-go with FeedComp on VAS Pulse Platform

Connected Technology

DairyComp, WeighComp, VAS Pulse Platform – they all work with FeedWatch to provide you the best management experience

Performance Analytics

Drive success and improve ROI and efficiency with hundreds of report options

Dedicated Support

Your success is our success. Our dedicated team of feed support specialists are there for you every step of the way

FeedWatch is flexible – allowing it to work with your setup and your equipment.

Cows Eating

FeedWatch Training

To learn more about FeedWatch and how to use some of the basic functions view our FeedWatch Tip of the Month

FeedWatch Product Updates

View FeedWatch Product Release Notes for new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

“With the cost of feed ingredients getting more expensive, FeedWatch is instrumental in tracking ingredients in and out, managing inventories and shrink.”

– Mike Larson, Larson Acres, Evansville, WI


Track every load that comes and goes from your farm with WeighComp. Our easy-to-use tool gives you the power to efficiently manage transactions, minimizing the amount of time it takes to document and monitor delivery details.


WeighComp was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind – providing you the helping hand you need when tracking shipments to and from your facility.

Harvest Mode on WeighComp

The Harvest Mode feature makes harvest a breeze

  • Track harvest loads from the field digitally
  • Switch between multiple harvests or spot loads
  • View and approve harvests in VAS Pulse Platform

We’ve simplified the process of inventory management. Spend less time hand-entering transactions and more time maximizing your most expensive input – all with an added level of assurance through traceable, electronic records.

Easy-to-understand reports show your whole herd and individual cow performance

Digital record of every load of feed, milk, cattle, manure and more that travels across your scale.


Easy-to-use technology seamlessly guides truck drivers to enter transactions on ruggedized hardware.

Receive tips on how to improve performance

Spend more time tracking dry matter and cost – less time chasing down delivery details and hand-entering transactions.

Notifications help keep farm activities on track

Transaction and Feed Inventory Management automatically accessible anywhere, anytime on the VAS Platform.