The dollars you invest in feed create the dollars you earn in productivity. Boost your bottom line with increased efficiency and decreased waste.


Feed accounts for greater than 50% of the cost of producing milk, making this your largest input cost by far. It is imperative for dairy producers to manage input costs successfully in order to obtain a higher return on investment. FeedComp, feed management software designed from a philosophy of flexibility while maintaining complete analytical ability, has been developed to help you manage your feeding systems accurately and easily. This software monitors feed use, sales, purchasing, animal intakes and cost. Other features include export files for consultants, graphing, customizable reports, user security levels, and chemistry levels, as well as current and forecasting inventories.

“With the cost of feed ingredients getting more expensive, FeedComp is instrumental in tracking ingredients in and out, managing inventories and shrink.”

Mike Larson, Larson Acres, Evansville, WI


FeedComp works with mixer trucks and wagons, or with stationary mixers and delivery trucks. The FeedComp program uses an industrialized mixer scale indicator, made by Avery-Weightronix and GSE, and a Grayhill ultra bright LED external display. FeedComp has the best wireless communication between the trucks/tractors and the office in the industry. The software will monitor feed use, sales, purchasing, animal intakes, and cost. It also interfaces with DC305 to pull in pen counts and track history on individual animals. FeedComp can also be setup to be completely automated by using micro machines for mixing ingredients and turning conveyers on and off.

  • Eliminate feed sheets
  • Monitors intakes
  • Tracks Ingredient/Ratio Chemistries
  • Reduces feed wastes
  • Track income over feed price
  • Verifies feeding accuracy
  • Tracks feeding contracts
  • Optimizes pen feeding

FeedComp Training

To learn more about FeedComp and how to use some of the basic functions view our FeedComp Tip of the Month