VAS Parlor tools allow producers to capture the necessary information that will aid in production management while also monitoring the performance of milkers in the parlor.


ParlorBoss, a technology platform from VAS that optimizes cow organization when entering the parlor, eliminates the need for a headlock system, and provides dairy employees with critical information about that animal as she is about to leave the rotary

  • Automate parlor activities

  • Enable tasks that can be performed in the parlor

  • Mark tails, give shots and check animals on the rotary platform

“The amount of time and space and people that are needed — we would probably have to hire somewhere between three to four guys just to take the place of Parlor Boss.”
– Chris Yohn – High Plains Ponderosa Dairy

ParlorBoss is the ultimate tool for herd organization and treatment in a rotary parlor — VAS ParlorBoss minimizes lockup times and gives your herd more time to do what it does best: produce milk.