VAS is proud to be offering both live and on-demand webinars to our customers. VAS webinars will cover a range of subjects, from industry related topics to VAS product specific demonstrations.  Below you can view all live and on-demand webinars available. 

Current list of upcoming Live webinars
MAY 28, 2020 02:00 PM PST

with Denise Athy and Melissa Freitas

In this webinar we’ll discuss the basics navigation of the Platform and explore the FeedComp feature paired with FeedWatch.

MAY 29, 2020 01:00 PM CST

Join us as we walk through interpreting the most important numbers on a Herd Summary report, as well as highlight some of the other key decision tools available to you as part of our standard milk testing package. Leverage your dairy data to drive decision making and profitability today.

On-Demand webinars available to view

Webinar focuses on utilizing the COWVAL command in DairyComp to help producers make economic-based culling and early dry off decisions.

Management strategies in a fluctuating dairy landscape

Many farmers are exploring strategies for reducing their milk production right now so we’re bringing together industry experts to talk through the strategies.