Training Courses

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DairyComp Basics Package

In the Dairy Comp Basics classes, you will learn step by step how to navigate through the main tool bar, command line, program tabs, menu tabs, and quick keys. You will be guided through using, accessing, navigating and customizing cow cards. We will give an overview with interactive lessons on what items and events are in DairyComp, and basic entry and removal of events. Lastly, we included a course designed specifically for consultants on how to save , create, absorb, and extract a DairyComp file for offsite evaluation. The DairyComp Basics packages contains two courses: Overview & Basic Navigation and Items, Events, Command Line, & Guide.

Languages available: English and Spanish

DairyComp Basics 1 – Overview and Basic Navigation

This course offers an overview of the DairyComp program and basic navigation and functions. The course includes four modules on the following topics:

  • Basic Program Navigation
  • CowCards
  • Items & Events
  • Consultant

Languages available: English, Spanish and German

DairyComp Basics 2 – Items, Event Codes, Command Line, and Guide

This course contains five modules that include the following topics:

  • Items
  • Command Line
  • Pull-down Menus

Languages available: English and Spanish

DairyComp Intermediate Package

The DairyComp intermediate package includes courses on DairyComp data entry, analysis commands, and economic and business planning analysis. Theses interactive courses will navigate you through most of the analytical tools in DairyComp while also teaching you how to generate economic reports designed to help you make decisions on herds. You will also walk step by step through the different methods of adding data, including events and event codes.

DairyComp Intermediate – Analysis Commands

This course contains information on popular analysis commands in DC305 in 3 modules, including the following:

  • SUM, PCT, and COUNT

DairyComp Intermediate – Data Entry

This course includes 4 modules on the following:

  • Entering Data
  • Events
  • Entering Events

DairyComp Intermediate – Economic & Business Planning Analysis

This course includes 3 modules on the following:

  • ECON

DairyComp Reproduction Analysis

DairyComp Reproduction Analysis class helps learners understand the reproduction codes used by DairyComp and the components of reproduction events. We will go over some of the useful reproduction metrics, eligibility for cows in reproduction reports and switches to help you navigate these reports efficiently. We will go deep into the calculations for insemination and pregnancy risk as well as now pregnancy risk, aborts and bullpens are calculated:
  1. Repro Code and Bred Event
  2. BREDSUM – Conception Risk
  3. BREDSUM – Insemination and Pregnancy Risk.

DairyComp GUIDE Package

This package includes all five of the DairyComp GUIDE courses:
  1. Overview Tab
  2. Reproduction Tab
  3. Mastitis Tab
  4. Data Checks Tab
  5. Transition Tab

DairyComp GUIDE Overview Tab

This course will go through some of the questions found in the Overview Tab of DairyComp GUIDE. This course is a prerequisite for some DairyComp GUIDE courses.

DairyComp GUIDE Reproduction Tab*

Covers questions in the reproduction tab of DairyComp GUIDE with special focus on the Reproductive Data Analytical Reports section. This course has a prerequisite.

DairyComp GUIDE Mastitis Tab*

Covers three sections of the mastitis tab in DairyComp GUIDE. In this course: overview, somatic cell counts and clinical mastitis. This course has a prerequisite.

DairyComp GUIDE Data Checks Tab

This course will go through accessing GUIDE in DairyComp, understanding if the data is complete for evaluation and saving questions for quick review.

DairyComp GUIDE Transition Tab*

Covers questions in the transition tab of DairyComp GUIDE with much discussion on the diseases around the post freshening time. This course has a prerequisite.