Have an extra Manager in the parlor without the labor costs. ParlorComp allows producers to capture the necessary information that will aid in production management while also monitoring the performance of milkers in the parlor.

Tulare, CA - 9 14 2017

About ParlorComp

Simple, easy to use touch screen for both Managers and Milkers Provides information that allows you to operate your parlor effectively and correctly. The pen count information in DC305 can be imported into ParlorComp to save time. Let FeedComp calculate Income Over Feed Costs and Feed Efficiencies using the data from ParlorComp.

Get a text message on your phone when wash temperatures are out of range and much, much more!

Watch the milking wash up performance! Minimum and Maximum temperatures for each cycle during wash up. Wash duration and water volume is recorded for each wash cycle. Identify faulty valves before they fail. Get a text message on your phone when wash temperatures are out of range

See pounds of milk per cow by pen for each milking.
Production informtion is easily shared with FeedComp to get Income Over Feed Costs (IOFC) as well as feed efficiency conversions.
Deviations from rolling herd average for each pen, each milking.
See bulk tank totals and have the ability for overflow alarms.

Parlor Boss

This video give a quick look at how ParlorBoss works. Allowing daily tasks to be done in the parlor, minimizing lockup time and allowing cows to spend more time eating, lying and making milk.